Screening Gift Card

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Screening requires a gift card for $50 for Amazon sent to

I do not screen anyone without this card being sent first.

Sending the gift card is the only way I will take you seriously.

I am very low volume so only the finest and most sincere men who go the extra mile will be pampered by me.

This is a one time fee/process.

I spend on average, twenty minutes screening one person.

I need to be sure they are who they say they are so I can be confident that I am not going to put myself in harms way.

If you cannot understand that, please seek someone with lower standards...

Just be sure to know... if a lady does not care about her own safety, do not be surprised when she does not care about yours...

My $50 Amazon Gift Card Instructions...

Card must be sent to my email only.

Click here to go to Amazons gift card page. (to buy online)





You can buy a card in a store for cash and email or text me a front and back picture of the card.

Click here to find a location

Do not write anything personal regarding what card is for such as screening deposit!

Be sure to send in the date request form also (click here to view)

If you are also requesting Fetish, please fill out my Fetish Form found CLICK HERE

You can buy a gift card in cash so no worries about if your wife will find the credit card receipt!

I do not accept the screening deposit any other way such as Paypal etc.

SURE, there are ladies who will see you and not charge to screen you but

1-they are not me! 

2-if you use my prepay method it more than covers the screening fee.

3- I am a luxury, if $50 for a screening deposit deturs you from seeing me,

I can asure you that you are not the type of client I want to meet anyway!

My type of guy respects my time and understands I need to spend time screening to feel safe enough to be alone with you.


Once you send the gift card, I am invested in getting you screened RIGHT AWAY,

meaning ASAP, I do not drop everything I am already doing so please be patient,

usually a few hours is normal, but allow up to two days.

Unlike some ladies (myself before this switch) receive hundreds of requests a day and we just do not know who is sincere or not.

The amount of time BOTH parties time this has saved is amazing!!!!!

I do own two stores so my schedule is always very hectic so do understand I will do my best to answer you the second I can.

I truly look forward to meeting smart men who follow this thoughtful and respectful process.

I am able to be strict with this for a reason.

I have spent years getting to this position to require a fee for screening.


I screen MANY MANY ways so if you want to be screened 99% of the time I will be able to screen you. 

I am an expert at getting newbies screened.

I do not want to cause a problem at your job, with your wife, or anything bad- I just want to make sure I will be safe with you.



In the rare event you cannot locate an Amazon Gift Card in a store and do not want to buy one online

You can buy a Vanilla Visa card in almost any CVS, Walmart, Walgreens etc, but there is a $6 fee - Amazon does not have a fee.

For more info about Vanilla - click HERE

Do not bother trying to buy a Visa card online.

Too many people have their orders bounce back so now, 

I only suggest buying the Visa card in cash and it is ONLY THE NONRELOADABLE CARD.

See my prepay video if you want better directions.

Please do not buy any other brand besides Vanilla unless you confirm the card can be used online -

some no-name brand cards - do not allow online purchases - I cannot use them.

Do not email my account anything other than info dealing with a gift card.

I get this process is overwhelming but I am super safe, super discreet,

and super strict so I can continue being all those things plus LOTS OF FUN!!!

Imagine this process feels overwhelming to you how do you think seeing a strange man alone feels for me????


I do not care if you buy a gift card in a store or pay online as long as I can validate it.

PROOF READ THE EMAIL BEFORE YOU CONFIRM sending it to me for typos.


If you send it incorrectly, I cannot help you.

Any questions you have about buying the cards direct at wherever you chose to purchase from.



I have been asked many times why I do not accept or give references like most ladies...

1-I have spent a decade perfecting what works best for me.

Why would a lady trust another lady to give her accurate information usually knowing nothing about the integrity of the lady giving the reference?

Sounds silly when I say it like that - right?

I should trust a stranger to give me info on a stranger???

UMMMM NO thanks!!!! If a gentleman is sincere and respectful, he should have NO issue disclosing who he is.

If he does, I'm simply not the right provider as I do not make any exceptions.

2-I am a busy and discreet lady.

I do not have time to deal with giving references and really do not need or want anyone knowing whom I see.

I will give a vouch on P411 if requested but other than that NEVER use me for a reference


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