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Reviews of me or any GFE Escort should be read for entertainment purposes only.

Do not assume anything is true, or that is guaranteed to happen with you.

Currently cannot be seen unless you are using an IP outside of the USA.

This is because of the Fosta nonsense.

You can use something like IPVanish to change your IP address and get into TER

Please never review me without discussing it first please.

You have to understand how to read AND write a review.

Some experienced people who write reviews know to include putting on the cover (condom) but some guys do not write that assuming it should be common sense... 

In a review you never want to disclose the exact location, time, or date.

Saying I met at an Orlando upscale hotel is all you need to say not Ritz in Orlando is where we had a date!!

If a GFE Escort did something extra for you just mention she gave you an unforgettable time-

specifically mentioning something can sometimes lead to other clients wondering why they did not get that.

TheEroticReview changed their scoring system making it impossible for a provider to get a perfect score unless she does anal or has another provider present.

This caused major conflict because not every man wants anal sex, nor can every man afford two girls and many that can afford it simply do not want it. 

Do not assume a lady does not give a fantastic time if she does not have 10's, she may not offer anal or bring another person per the clients wishes so although the client might want to give her a 10, he simply cannot.

If you see a lady had all 10's but now has all 9's, again do not assume she is no longer being a great provider...

The first year I was providing, I did not provide GFE so my scores were lower.

I am NOW completely a GFE Escort.

Also some lower scores might have been when I only saw the man for a Fetish session which would not allow any score over a 7. 

Scores for looks - well beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

I do take better care of myself now then when I first start providing so the scores are reflective.

 When TER decided it would delist all USA based providers, I had been smart enough to screen shot pages of my review scores!

++I took a break from December 2012 until 2015 to build my regular business up.++


Some terms in reviews are

The Escort business has a lot of terms to make conversation tricky for a newbie so let me clarify some things you might not know!!

The best thing is to always be discrete!

A hobbyist- a person paying for a providers time

A newbie- somebody new to the hobby.

The hobby- the practice of seeing providers.

Providers- Escorts, Dominatrix, etc

BBBJ- bare back blow job, blowjob without a condom Guys do NOT try to ram your dick in a ladies mouth, pull hair without her consent, cum in mouth without warning unless you are sure the lady is cool with it, and be CLEAN OMG BE CLEAN - you can never ever be too clean EVER!!! wash EVERYTHING lol nothing ruins intimacy like odor

CBJ- a blow job that a condom is worn.

CIM- cum in mouth, Make sure you give a warning that you are almost there so if the lady is not into that, she can be prepared to adjust as needed!

CFS- covered full service- vaginal sex with a condom - please do not engage in unprotected sex unless you are in a commited relationship. Just doing so once endanges everybody you come in contact with after that. No vagina is worth dying for!!!

COF -cum on face, yup don't do this to me either! I cannot even imagine why anybody likes this but to each their own. 

DATY- dining at the Y, means you may provide oral sex on the woman-cunnilingus Do not assume the woman should be thrilled you want to pleasure her. Sadly most men do not have a clue what they are doing down there so many providers decide the risk of being injured by some new date biting them is simply not worth offering this service. 

DFK, LFK deep or light French Kissing Guys a lady might enjoy kissing- I certainly do but good grief, do NOT try to kiss a woman like you are in porno. NO LADY EVER enjoys a guys bad breath, dry mouth from ciggarettes etc, having a tongue jammed in her mouth trying to taste tonsils. Just start out easy and let it build up. If a lady is staying on your lips enjoy! if she is not maybe something is not working for her such as coarse facial hair etc

FBSM- full body sensual massage. This is my favorite thing to have done to me. Massage my shoulders for a few minutes and I usually will start purring!!!!! 

FIV- finger in vagina- do not attempt to do this to me. For ladies that like that - please have clean hands and go easy on her until she is clearly wanting deeper or more stimulation!!!

Foreplay- this is intimate between the people engaged in the sexual acts prior to the expected main event

GFE- this is a loosely used term that more women should make clear of what they are willing to do. I state on my home page GFE means to me DFK, LFK, BBBJ, CFS, DATY, MSOG

Greek- anal sex NOPE, not my thing to be done to me either, that includes fingers and mouths - just not my thing. I do love playing with guys asses though!!!!!

LFK- light french kissing

MSOG- can cum many times in your alloted time,  do not think you are squeezing 1 more in with 5 min left on the clock. The last 5 min of any session should be when you are getting up to gather your things and get dressed. Just like one hour massage at any salon is really only 50 minutes because that 5 min to start is getting undressed and the last 5 to get back to being dressed.

NQNS - no quit, no spit, sorry I spit lol I personally find this to be too high risk of an activity. 

P411- is a verification site that all reputable providers should be able to offer you a way to vouch for you on there so you can see other ladies without having to bother the previous provider for a reference.

PSE - porn star expierence usually includes anal sex or unprotected sex, things the average lady will not engage in. Please search for a lady who is marketing herself as PSE friendly if that is what fits your fancy!!! It is not me!!!

OTC- off the clock NEVER ever assume you can arrive early or stay past your time to chit chat or whatever unless the lady has made it 100% clear it is OK. Do not ask a lady to meet you before a session to have a drink without compensation. It would be the same premise as your boss asking you to come in before work or after work and not getting overtime. I have a donation to meet for drinks before but many ladies do not for many reasons - they can't or don't want to be in public etc. Even if it is not me you spend time with, sometimes just sending a $25 gift card to a lady you are meeting is a nice way for HER to possibly offer to meet for a drink. 

Reference- a way to have a lady vouch for you. ASK or read what each lady offers- if she offers them. I only provide them through Datecheck or P411. 

STRAP ON PLAY- I fuck you with a strap on dick in whatever body part you offer up!!

TER a place to read reviews, threads about the hobby, and to communicate with other paid members. If the lady you want to see is not reviewed on there, be extra careful.

YMMV - your mileage may vary This happens because no two people are going to interact the same way. You are NEVER guaranteed anything other than the time you book. You are never entitled to do anything she is not ok with. Do not read a review and expect the same exact things to happen. Many guys inflate their performance in reviews. Sometimes it could just be a body issue and not a personality issue such as a man that is 280 with a beer gut from Hell is just not going to get the same positions as the guy with a normal sized tummy - its just life! Just be excited for your own intimacy and do not get wrapped up in trying to keep some score.

Whitelist - is a form of approval by a provider for others to see on

Please NEVER ask me for a whitelist.

That is for me to decide however please do make sure I know you have an account.

You do not have to review me to get a whitelist.

I will remove my whitelist from your profile if you discontinue acting like a gentleman after receiving it.

If you are not forthcoming about having a TER account when going through my screening process,

you will never get a whitelist from me.





Here are some wonderful clips of reviews of mine from

To read the rest you must be a paid member


General Details

Set up our appointment for my trip to Orlando about 4 weeks prior. Brenda was really quick to reply through P411 and we took a couple of days to verify her schedule and confirm that she was who I wanted to see. As soon as I was convinced it was a done deal. There must have been something wrong with me to have ever doubted. LOL! Painless on my part and easy to do. It was an absolute wonderful time and one I will repeat in the future. Getting to know each other over diner and then the play time the five hours together just wasn't enough.


General Details

I've seen Brenda a few times now, finally writing a review. In call is in Orlando, screening is tight, and she's great with communication. She pulls up to pick me up in a dress that barley covers all of the good parts. quick kiss and hello, then back to here place. A little chatting there, then off to the dungeon. Let the good times roll. I will continue to see her on occasion. Attitude is great, GFE to Mistress, all lots of fun. Pictures on her site are real, and many are current.


General Details

I've seen Brenda's profile around the Central Florida area for a while. Her profile, her pictures and website really peaked my interest so I reached out. Brenda was very fast with her response to my inquiry. We exchanged a few emails back and forth before I sent an appointment request through P411. The date of our appointment she gave the address for a parking lot near her incall. Brenda likes to be discreet so she doesn't have anyone come to her place. She'll pick you up and drive you to and from her incall. When I arrived at the parking lot I messaged Brenda and she arrived within minutes. I hopped into her car and was greeted by the sexiest woman to wear a nurses outfit I've ever seen. A sensual DFK as a greeting and off we went to her playhouse. VIPs read on, non-VIPs Brenda is not to be missed, her rates and return incentives are beyond worth it


General Details

was in Orlando for a few days and needed some company. I saw Brenda on 411 an checked her ou here and she was what I wanted.

emailed and got right back to me. We exxhanged #s and made a date.

She arrived on time and looked better than I imagined.

Tall in heels i had to reach up to kiss and we did.



General Details

Easy set up via P411...Two text system. She is a world class provider with an imagination and skills that are superb!!


General Details

Well guys Brenda has been on my wishlist for a while now, based on a recommendation from a local provider, I knew Brenda was my type. I looked at her site, photos etc, and knew this had to be... I sent a pm through TER she responded quickly, and we set the date and time, she asked what sort of things I might like and I gave her a short list... when I laid my eyes on her and she gave me a kiss I was blown away, she is way, way, sexier, and hotter than her photos, and she is one of Tampa's top top Ladies...The next two hours were incredible.........


General Details


Brenda is one of the most beautiful women I have seen anywhere, much less had the opportunity to be naked with. Her web site photos are not spot on, as beautiful as they are they do not do her justice. She is much more beautiful in person, really refreshing in a world where 9 times out of ten the photos are either old of 50 pounds ago. She is perfect to the eyes and the touch. Brenda has an awesome web site


General Details

All I can say is: wow! All of the reviews are true. Definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had in my almost 10 years in the hobby. VIP's read on...


General Details

Well this review is long overdue...I first BB during the holidays last year in Sarasota. What a holiday it was to celebrate with family and friends and then celebrate with BB. From the moment I walked into her hotel room until the minute I walked out was amazing and I knew then that I would have to see BB again and probably again. BB is based in Tampa but is very willing to drive down to Sarasota or over to Orlando to play. Well I was going to be in Orlando for meetings and a few days before I reached out to BB to see if we could play again while I was there. She responded quickly on a day that could work for her and we were set. Once the day arrived she realized my location was farther than she anticipated and that she was going to be running a little late. I was fine with that as anticipation of spending time with BB was great. She kept me up to date on her journey and what cocktail I could have waiting for her. When BB walked into the bar she was more stunning than the first time we met. Her namesakes were proudly on display and it was all I could do not to just dive in right there. We shared a big hug and juicy kiss and sat at the bar catching up like two old friends. Our conversation somehow led into a bit of role playing that carried over into our private time. BB became interested in applying for a position in my company...VIPs read on


General Details

I contacted Brenda Boobies by email. We communicated textually until I was almost there. I submitted the requested screening information & preferences and she agreed to meet me. Perfect directions. Basic 2 call system with talk in. She is a beautiful and intelligent woman in full bloom. Look at her stunning photos but read her entire website through at least once. Seriously, read her whole website. It contains a wealth of information and lots of photos


General Details

Brenda is an ATF of mine for 7 years now. She is not only the true definition of what GFE should be she is all class placing her in the Courtesan league. She is based in Tampa but is planning to tour again starting in May 2016 so make sure to get on her notification list as she books up quickly. Time has been on this ladies side as passion only seems to build in this woman as time has gone by. Each time I see her I think it cant get any better, but sure enough she will out do herself every time. tho she dabbles in the "dark arts" (s and m and other fetishes) I'm a vanilla guy and she's super for gfe/pse. I also understand she mite offer nuru massage soon which I'm hopeful she will do !.....she is much better looking then her present fotos on P411 but i think she is updating them fact i know theres at least one very recent one. Her pix on her website are much more accurate and i think her site has a link to her YouTube videos and twitter account

She is the very desirable woman you see at a high end restaurant and your eyes linger ....just a little too long..….as your mind wanders…..


General Details

I have had the immense pleasure of being with Ms. Boobies numerous times now. I reviewed her after our first play date, but now feel like that review is basically obsolete… Reason being, as each date has cum and gone, our time together has become greater and greater! In some aspects that should just make sense. In others, it’s just because we have trusted each other enough, and pushed the edges just enough to make it to where our most recent date simply mind blowing!!

As you can imagine, YES I strongly recommend!


General Details

When I first came across the photos on Brenda’s web page I was blown away by her beauty. Those are the most perfect shots of the ultimate women’s figure. Or at least I thought so until I saw her in person. Her body is a bit tighter which accents those magnificent DDDs even better. I had tried to connect with her in the past, but my schedule changed. She was really classy and agreed to a visit even though she would be returning from a long trip. She is just as beautiful if not more so as a brunette. Her figure is further enhanced by long showgirl legs and tight ass. Moreover, Brenda has a very playful and exciting attitude toward pleasing you. No bucket list would be complete without a visit with Brenda.


General Details

From my viewpoint, the hobby is multi-faceted. There's beauty, intimacy, intrigue, variety plus just plain old FUN! But, I have always felt that a beauiful provider will still only get a first appointment from me. Continuing on in a friendship is quite dependent on the personality, brightness, and Joie de Vivre of the woman. So every so often, I read the Florida Discussion Board to see if there is anyone new that has some insightful comment on the subject at hand. This is how I first learned of Brenda Boobies! She had something to say that wasn't self-promotional and made alot of sense. I did not know of her previously as she had been on sabbatical. I contacted her via email and along with her scintilating questionaire, the process was seamless. During the 2 weeks before our rendezvous, there were numerous emails, back and forth, setting the foundation for our date. I communicated with her that I was looking for a GFE session, but was open to a little teasing and denial. She said.... Great! Well, the evening of our rendezvous, Brenda communicated that the Tampa traffic was ungodly and she was running late. Very professional! So I took this time to actually read her reviews. I often don't as I like there to be a fresh,clean slate between me and my new friend. OMG! On the way to my hotel was a beautiful sexy woman who knew a Great deal about things that I had never experienced or imagined. But I remained calm as I remembered the repoire that we had already established with our emails back and forth. There was a knock at the door and I took a deep breath and opened it. Before me stood a tall, gorgeous smiling woman and let me say this.... I was about to have a truly sensual, intimate experience unlike any other! Non-Vips, Brenda is a true GFE Extraordinaire! VIPs.. read on!


General Details

Wanted to see Brenda when she was based in NJ but our schedules never meshed and she moved to Tampa. Tried once to see her there but she went into a hiatus, Now she's back and I was visiting fla and she was good enough to see me at her incall. She gave me directions to her place and said the door would be open. As I found the place, I saw a door open and a long legged beauty with a tight form fitting leather dress on laying on a couch and I knew this was going to be great! Brenda is beautiful, sensual, and a sex fiend who is the epitome of GFE. She is wonderful and I wished I lived closer because I would see her all the time!!


General Details

Brenda asks a question on her screening form, "Would you like any special lingerie for me to wear?" I let Brenda know that I prefer mature providers that can wear short, tight dresses and I asked that she wear either black wet look thigh highs or Cuban heel thigh highs. After we set a date and time for our appointment, we agreed that we would meet in the hotel bar. Brenda suggested we role play and that I pretend that I'm picking her up in the bar. I arrived first and Brenda got there a few minutes later. It was unbelievable. She walked in with a black, wet look mini-dress with her remarkable assets pouring out of the top of this unbelievably sexy dress. The bar had roughly 40 people in it and every head turned when she walked in. I could not believe my eyes. That's how hot Brenda looked. She sat down across the bar from me, next to some guy who couldn't believe who just walked in and sat next to him. He thought he hit the lottery. She ordered a drink and sat there for a few minutes before coming over and sitting next to me. She then confirmed for me what I already knew. She had no panties on underneath her unbelievably sexy black wet look dress. I let her know we needed to head upstairs ASAP!


General Details

I had heard of Brenda for a few years but she only recently returned to the Tampa area. I saw her ad on TER and it intrigued me. Loved how smart and sensible she sounded in her ad. And her pics were outstanding. Her website is a real treat. Lots of sexy photos mixed in the copy that details her wonderful personality. I knew I had to see her.


General Details

I was coming to the end of a business trip and I had one more “bucket list” item to cross off my list. I have experienced many differ pleasures in the hobby over the years, but if you keep doing the same thing then you don’t learn anything about how much you can push yourself to try something erotically different. Think about it. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I was really looking for something unique on my last night and I couldn’t wait to do it. I had seen one of my Florida regulars earlier and she talked about bringing one of her hot girl friends over for a steamy play date on my last night in town, but I have had several doubles before ; and although I enjoy them immensely; they were not unique enough for what I was looking for this time.

After perusing the P411 boards and reading some Florida reviews on TER I decided I wanted to meet Mistress Brenda Boobies. I had this booked in advance but I wanted to make sure I was going to go through with it.

I had sent Brenda an email about two week before my trip and I knew she was the lady for me. She checked my references and she was amazing on email and very timely in her communication. We cyber chatted and had email foreplay for a few weeks before my trip. Brenda answered every email and answered every question I had about our session. She was excited that I was so open to try new experiences with her. I could tell she was turned on by what we wrote to each other on email.

Brenda is a first class lady and she is just the type of women I enjoy hanging out with in this business. Her service is not for everybody, but I do think she can make it whatever you want it to be. You have to be open-minded.

I travel and hobby often with providers but I wanted to experience my first BDSM session. BDSM is a vague term, but Brenda has this mystery and mystique surrounding it; and she makes each session unique and special for every client. She does not have a set script because every experience is customized for you based on what she thinks you will enjoy. Brenda was perfect for this session. She is super hot and is so damn fun to be with behind closed doors. I highly recommend her and I will repeat.


General Details

I had a trip to Tampa and arranged with her in advance. She was very responsive. I filled out her questionnaire on her website, which alone had me excited. She responded with additional questions and suggestions concerning my answers. She was very accommodating. She went above and beyond in setting up our date. She planned in advance to drop something off at my hotel with a note with directions of what to do to prepare for her arrival. She said she had a fantasy and wanted ME to help her fulfill it. OK!!! She is my new ATF and I can't wait to see her again. We've already discussed a way to work out another visit. Non VIP -- see her!

At the appointed time, I picked up her package which had a lovely note and a blindfold. I followed her directions and let her know when I was ready. Shortly thereafter . . .


General Details

I was intrigued by the reviews I read about Brenda. I was heading down to Orlando for a conference wnd was looking for a great with some kink mixed in. Brenda seemed to fit the bill. I sent her and email and we started discussions. She agreed to come out to my hotel in Orlando.

She was slightly delayed due to traffic but called to let me know even though it was no more than a few minutes past our scheduled time. When I opened the door and saw her I instantly knew it was going to be a great evening. Do not wait to meet her! She is awesome.


General Details

I have been wanting to meet Mistress B B since I noticed her new website and persona as a Mistress.

Brenda responded to my email and said she would be visiting Naples in just a few days so I jumped at the chance and scheduled an evening to meet at my place. All correspondence was thru email and I gave her a brief description of the kink I had in mind...she responded with glee saying that I sounded like a total slut and she was excited to meet me for fun times.

When Brenda arrived I was not only excited but totally enraptured with both her beauty and instant charm...she wore a very stylish form fitting summer cocktail dress with stacked heels and looked absolutely STUNNING !

We embraced briefly as she entered and placed her travel bag of toys aside. We retired to the lanai to enjoy the sunset and get acquainted....Brenda seductively placed her legs across my lap as I began to tell her of my BDSM experiences ....we shared a couple brief sweet kisses and she immediately connected with my desires for her to take initial control and make me her play toy for our mutual pleasure....soon Brenda took my hand and led me inside to get ready for our she was about to go to the guest bath to change I asked if we could extend our date for an extra hour...

I was THAT excited ;-)

Brenda happily agreed and I changed into my robe as she put on the sexiest lingerie ever.

When Mistress B B returned to the living room she noticed that I had a hott porn video playing in slow motion on the TV .... the action on the video synced perfectly with the music I had playing and she decided to temporarily forego the trip to my bedroom and told me to sit back in my easy chair as she reposed on the ottoman in front of me....her instructions were

" DO NOT TOUCH WITHOUT PERMISSION " as she teased me with numerous seductive touches of her fingertips and draping her luscious hair across my chest as she exposed one of her nipples and rubbed it while whispering sweet taunts in my ear....instinctively I reached out to pull her closer and Mistress B B reprimanded me with a few quick slaps on my wrists from her leather paddle for not following instructions !

In addition, she ordered me to close my eyes entirely until further notice.

I promised to behave if she would forgive me then Mistress B B again began to delight my senses with teasing torments of sweet dirty talk of what she would do to me next....I WAS READY !

Non VIP's ....Mistress B B is a VERY sensual woman .... she is a very fun and playful sensual Dom AND a fabulous GFE as well....the BEST of both ...and in all likelihood,she can be ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you desire and more ;-)


General Details

Wow, Brenda is quite simply one if the best, if not the best, providers I have ever seen. Guys if you don’t have VIP, you better get VIP so you can read more about what you’re missing out on if you have not seen Brenda!


General Details

I found Brenda's profile while reading the TER boards & ads. I've been looking for a sensual GFE "take charge" lady and Brenda seemed to be a perfect fit for my current mood. I sent her a PM and after some back and forth with pre-screening we agreed on a date/time. Non-VIPS. Brenda is absolutely worth the visit if you can pass her screening. She is cautious. VIP's read on.


General Details

I was surprised and happy when I was able to make contact with Brenda after a few years from our last meeting. She has always been a favorite since our first encounter. So I jumped at the chance to reconnect when I visited the Tampa area. We agreed to meet at my hotel for a few hours before my flight. I told her I'd be at the bar waiting for my blond bombshell. She emailed me "oh no, I'm a brunette now, so it will be like your cheating on me with me". When she walked in, the entire room collectively held their breath. I don't know how she does it, but she looked hotter than ever. Non-VIPS, you may not miss what you never had, but you're getting another chance at one of the most fantastic providers anywhere.


General Details

Hot sexy dominant 1000% gfe legend that I was fortunate enough to be able to meet since BB was virtually retired or I should say on a break for a couple years except for a brief appearance in the spring of 15 which I tried to align the stars but to no avail :( FYI email only you will be happy you did.

Finally the stars aligned and I was able to finally meet with the beautiful sexy as hell BB :)

Vip and Non Vip if you are lucky enough to meet BB you will have a memory for a lifetime!


General Details

I had made contact with Ms. Boobies back a few years ago, but never followed up, and by the time I was ready, she retired… But a couple of weeks ago I saw that she had started posting and replying on the message board here!! She sounded light-hearted, playful and fun in her postings, so I PMed her just to let her know that if and when she was ready for a return I would love to make her acquaintance!!! She replied almost immediately to tell me that she wasn’t sure when she was going to be ready, but would read my reviews, and if I had seen anyone that she was familiar with, she would check me out. I kinda left it at that, and figured that I might hear from her in a couple of months when she was ready… A few days later I got a very sweet email stating that she had checked me out, would love to meet me, BUT she needed a little time to get herself back to a place where she felt organized, and able to take this side business back on. I asked her to just let me know far enough in advance so I could open time in my schedule. Maybe 10 days later she emailed to ask how my schedule looked for this week! Yesterday was the first day that I could meet. Game on!!! Guys, she is amazing!! SEE HER!! What a Sweetheart! Highly recommend! And I’m already in the planning stage of our next play date!!


General Details

It has been over three years since I've last seen Brenda. She took a break from the industry but has decided to come back, at least part time. I am glad she did. We were able to reconnect via "it's a small world" methods and I am honored and thrilled to be part of her comeback. Part of the small world connection was just as she decided to dip her toes back into providing, I was to be in Tampa for business and could make time for us to see each other. So great. We made arrangements and she met me at my hotel. I opened the door to find Brenda now as a brunette (vice blonde) and thinner than she had been last time. Don't take that to mean anything negative, she is gorgeous and her body is rocking hot. She is just showing fewer curves than before. Needless to say, the time with her was fantastic. Just as three years ago, I highly recommend seeing Brenda!!!


General Details

Brenda look so hot in her pics I had to try. Brenda has so many reviews and a very detailed site. You do have to jump through a few hoops to finally meet her. That was explained in the previous reviews and I was no exception. But once you get there, it is well worth it. VIPs read on...


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