Reference Policy


I do NOT accept them except from Jenna or Sasha.

I do NOT give them except if the following is respected.

The client must FIRST email me with the info he wants passed on to a provider with a SafeOffice or proton email only, who has a website and a p411 profile.

I will only pass on that I enjoyed my time with him - I will not disclose private info.


Honestly, I do not understand the whole exchanging references thing.

Why would I trust a stranger I do not know to keep me safe? 

Why would a stranger trust me to keep them safe?

In reality, even if everyone cared for eachother properly,

one woman can never predict or be responsible for how a man can treat another lady.

My safety is my priority, so I handle my business my way without relying on others.

I only see men I can verify through my methods. I do not disclose those methods.

If you do not want to disclose your REAL private info to me, please see someone with lower standards.


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