Reference Policy

Effective 7/21/19



I do NOT accept references outside of the very select ladies I offer threesomes with.

I will always give a vouch on P411 for free however if the lady wants a personal reference, my policy below must be respected.



I take giving a reference very seriously.

I take my time to be sure I am verifying the information I am sending out.

I require a $25 giftcard to be sent by the client to my for Amazon before I am goint to answer a request by a lady.

My tiime is valuable so without the giftcard, I am sorry but I am not taking time to look up information.

I am not always at my computer so please do plan ahead to be sure I can look your info up.

Check my calendar on my site first to be sure it does not say I am off.

After you send giftcard, text me so I can check my email.

I do not keep email or private info on my phone. 



I am NEVER responsible for a choice you will make to see with a client.

I will simply verify the information he gave me is the same you have and that I would be willing to see him again.

I will not discuss personal information.

If you feel a reference is not valid because the gentleman rspects my time enough to send a giftcard, that is your choice however I can swear on my established reputation that I will never give a good reference for anyone for $25. 

AGAIN, my reference does not guarantee a mans behavior towards you, only states that I personally did not have any issues with him.



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