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P411 is a private site where providers have a profile and can place ads in the site (will be changing in the near future).
Men can search and sort the providers they want to meet and message them through the site.
Some providers are willing to verify the have met the client so othr providers will know he was safe with them.
I do vouch for my clients on P411 ONLY.
My ID # is:  P39366
My URL is https://www.preferred411.com/P39366 (my website is not linking url for some reason)


P411 is not a way out of providing a provider with screening.

Every provider screens differently - crackheads and cops never do lol

There is no right or wrong way to screen. A provider can ask you for whatever info she requires.

You can decline to move forward if you are not compfortable but please do not be the jackass that thinks YOU will tell HER how to screen -- just move along if you do not like her methods.

My screening is tough, because I care about my safety. If you do not respect my methods, you can see someone with lower standards! 

Do keep in mind, if she does not care about her own safety, do not be surprised when she slacks in other areas...

P411 states....

"We recommend that providers check a client's identification when they meet, to ensure the correct person is using the client id. Otherwise, it could be a shared or compromised P411 account.


The first step is to have everyone who claims to be a P411 member send you a contact through P411. Then, please let the client know that you will be checking identification upon arrival.
A P411 Client Id is made up of small bits of "real" info that can be verified, by looking at a couple of pieces of identification carried in the client's wallet.

Example: John-01-a-0000
  • "John" is a name showing on his driver's license.
  • "01" is the DAY of birth showing on his driver's license.
  • "0000" are the last four digits on something he carries in his wallet (insurance card, library card, etc.)
If a client schedules an appointment via P411 and upon arrival refuses to show identification to confirm he is the true account holder, you are encouraged to refuse to see him and report it to P411. We will typically suspend the account until the client is reverified and the situation is resolved.

Please protect yourself from those who share or hijack P411 client accounts, to rip the providers off or worse. These situations are rare, but do happen, and can be prevented if the provider takes a moment to confirm that the client has identification to match the P411 client id.

Note: many clients are extremely uncomfortable showing their identification, which is why it is best to warn them before they arrive. We suggest gentlemen temporarily cover their other private information with tape or whiteout, leaving only the photo, matching name, and DAY of birth for the provider to check. Of course, it's up to the individual provider to decide whether she will accept the identification in this way, but do know that we recommend this to the clients concerned about their privacy."

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