Newbies are welcome to see me! I screen so many different ways.

You do not need references to see this GFE Escort - BDSM Dominatrix in Orlando. 

I did not create this Wiki Page but it ptretty much sums up so much of what I had wrote below a long time ago - except they have pics!!!!!!!!!!! OMG TOO FUNNY

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So you are taking a look here?

That is AWESOME... why? shows you care enough to be curious.

Regardless if you pick me now, later, or not at all, I promise if you follow my guide topicking a GFE Escort or Dominatrix in Orlando, FL below- you will get a much better result than if you do not!

Some of what I am going to discuss will seem a no brainer to some, bitchy to others, a reminder etc...

High Class GFE Orlando Escorts are bombarded with communication from texts, to calls, to voicemails, private messages, Tweets, emails... etc

so although a newbie may think he has not done anything wrong or offensive, it simply maybe that they have not been rude,

but not done anything to make us want to respond to that message over the other 300-400 messages that are also coming in that day.

I will not respond to "Are you available", or other such one liners. I may send a general automatic response to "remind" them to review my site.

Messages that show no personal touch - tell me a person might not have any social skils- and I'm not really going to be interested in spending time with somebody like that.

If you think - why, money is money or other dumbass thoughts, you are not the client an Upscale GFE Escort wants to spend time with.

I do not need a guy to be begging to see me, but just because he is gifting me money, does not mean manners should not be used. 

All money is not good money!!!!!!!!!! There are as many horny good polite gentleman as there are rude jerks so guess who I save my time for???

I would rather have a day/night off than spend it with somebody who might treat me like a blow up doll.


My advise for a great date...

Do your homework and pick a lady for more than a pretty face.

Although you absolutely should find your date hot as Hell, if she is stuck up, flakey, bitchy etc, regardless how pretty she is, you probably will wonder why you bothered!

The majority of you having a good time is completely up to you.

The top things you can do...


1-Really review her website, social media accounts, reviews, etc to be sure you know what she is or not into.

NO LEGIT High Class GFE Escort does not have a website these days... NONE... If she has a cheap site with ads on it then be assured that is what kind of provider she is... look for well done - informative sites like mine!

Review her Social Media, if she does not have it how will you get a real look on her personality? Social Media is an amazing way to see what the woman is really about, does she talk like a hood rat or classy lady?

You are gifting money for her time ONLY.

You are NOT EVER entitled to do something she does not want to do.

It is not -- your money- your rules its ALWAYS HER PUSSY- HER RULES...


2-Supply all info needed to screen you properly from the start - IN ONE email, contact form etc.

If the GFE Escort wants contact via her screening form, and you do not feel comfortable doing that, read her site to see if she has an alternate method, if she does not, just move on as not every person is for every GFE Escort.

Always do what you feel best about because 99.9% sure the GFE Escort is not going to bend for you so decide what is more important -seeing her on her terms or getting outside your comfort zone!

I can't tell you how many emails I just trash the second I read, "I can't share work info and I don't have a TER or P411 account"

WELL then go see a crackhead because that is all besides a cop who will see you without screening!!

If you are worried about giving the lady your info, you are picking the wrong lady or wasting her time contacting her if you do not want to be screened.  


3-Book the time you need or want.

Do not book an hour if you know you need 90 minutes to get the job done!

Do not expect her to give you extra time- EVER!!!!!!

No matter how nice or cute you are, most ladies have somebody waiting on them- kids, husbands, girlfriends, next appointment, etc, overstaying your paid time is just rude.

Please don't be that guy... 



Please do not think because you took a shower in the morning you are still fresh at 5...   

jumping in the shower and really lathering up down FRONT AND BACK and your pits - WITH SOAP- EXTRA soap!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -will get you much more enjoyable acts of intimacy.

It is a sin that this is not common sense... 

The listerine on the counter- she really really wants you to use it!!!!

Basically the rule of treat others the way you want to be treated applys,

you want a lady to be fresh and smelling perfect, extend the favor!


5-Back to #2... If you went for a GFE Escort session, do not be rude and try to get PSE...

I would suggest you not pull her hair, put your hands around her throat, try to cum on her face, hold her head down, start talking super nasty etc, unless you have got approval prior! 

Look for a session that says PSE. Those ladies are more inclined to handle that type of play. Please note I am GFE Escort NOT PSE lol, I am an easy and sensual lover.


6-The donation...

Do not discuss it in person or on the phone, don't say something like here as you try to hand it to her- why oh why guys do not comprehend this is bad, I just do not know!!!

If you are ever with a "lady" who starts talking about money, you better believe she is either the dumbest lady you can ever have met or 99% she is a cop- play dead, dumb, or whatever you need to!!!


7-You do not have to be a rockstar in bed

It's very nice to care about the providers sexual needs but please remember the best dates for us actually come from a guy respecting 1-6 so we are not unguard.

No provider that I know is running back to tell another provider oh this guy I met an hour ago was or was not good in bed.

I promise what we DO talk about is how respectful or disrespectful a guy was...

We do not expect or really care if you are a rockstar in bed so relax, let things happen naturally or not-meaning please know the easiest way to get a woman to not cum is to be so focused on getting her to...   

If you are looking for a whole loud screaming show - you may want to aim towards a PSE not a GFE encounter. 



I do know it must be confusing for a guy especially a new guy to really figure out who to trust, who to pick, where to start...

Really read my guide and you will be on the right track.

If after reviewing a ladies website or ad, you do not like something MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!, do not ever think a High Class GFE Escort is going to change how she does things for you or anybody- ever!!

I recently had a guy tell me to send him a pic from my phone so he could verify ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was beyond funny to me, and hysterical to any other lady who has spent years establishing herself like I have!

Don't be that guy!!!!!!


1-Search will usually have the best selection. They are not a cheap site to advertise on so "usually" you will get a better class of providers/GFE Escorts.

A provider is usually a nice way of saying Escort. I will have a list of hobby terms later!


2-READ the ladies ad, if it says text then text, if it says email then email, if it says go to her website and fill out the screening form- guess what? lol

Each lady is different and not following her guidelines will usually not end the way it could if you just respect what she has taken the time to post.


If you cannot text from your phone, maybe think about getting a free app like Google Voice on your phone so there is no record of you calling or texting Escorts if you have prying eyes.

DO Remember due to the Cloud Law now 4/8/18, Google is closing accounts without warning so never be explicit in any email or text.

Personally I feel buying a throw away type phone at Walmart that you can leave in the office etc. is the best idea. 

If your wife finds the phone LIE lol and say you have no idea how the phone got in your bag. Be sure to have a lock on the phone. Although I am not advocationg lying - I am saying this to protect you and the Escort. Wives can become dangerous to you an the innocent Escort if you do not cover your tracks!

Do NOT just call because Eros all standard ads say CALL NOW- the Escorts do not have a way to turn that off. 


I highly recommend having a hobby only email. You may need to use your work email to verify yourself but move over to a dedicated hobby email- is good... Proton mail is my first choice.


P411 is a good site to join if you plan on seeing multiple ladies. I personally do not give references but I will vouch for a guy one time on the site so other ladies can see I said I had a good time with him. has good and bad points. It is good to be able to read a review on the lady but bad because they do not have a way to vouch the review content is true.

Just because a guy writes something happened- does not mean its true.

Quanity is your friend there. If a provider has 100 plus reviews all good- then go for it.

Throw out the lowest score as its probably a jerk who did not get his way.

Many men write a bad review after being told no to something they knew was not on the menu to begin with but thought they were so special to receive ---- and then retaliate with a bad review once they realize they are not. 

If you see an Escort has all 7's do NOT go expecting a 10... if you do that is your fault!!!





Be on time, if running late be in touch, know that the date started when you agreed it would. 

The Escort may have other plans and she cannot extend your time, but you do owe the full amount if she was ready...

I'm stating the following because sadly this is not common sense to all!!!!

TRIM your pubs PLEASE!!!!! almost nothing worse than a face full of pubic hair- totally gross!!!!!!!!!

Pop a mint in your mouth just before the door is opening!!!

Wash your hands at the very least in front of her- really taking a shower and washing your junk WITH lots of soap is rewarded everytime!!!!!

I have had more than one guy get in the shower- let the water run on him and him come out without any smell of my soap on him... and then probably wonder why he did not get a world class blowjob lol

You can take a shower at home and by the time you get to her location have become sweaty and start to have an odor... 

If you are uncut, please pull that skin back and be extremely clean...

Nothing ruins intimacy like unpleasant odors...


If you do not know how to handle giving her the gift/donation BEFORE you get to the door, YOU have already got a problem on your hands.  

This is unacceptable.

NO Escort wants you to hand money to her, talk about it, gesture towards it, mention it.

If an Escort has not made it clear like I have you might not want to pick that Escort.

If I am coming to see you, have it in the bathroom, marked happy birthday or something 

If you are coming to see me, put it down where you are going to leave your phone and stuff - when you get ready to go, you will just leave it there


Do not ask too personal of questions - especially what is your real name, or does your family know you do this??? Think about if the Escort starting asking you if YOUR family knows you do this... would that make you feel very comfortable?


If you are going for a GFE Escort session, do not focus on getting the girl off...

WHAT did I just say????? LOL

So many men become so focused on being validated as a good lover,

they get themselves stressed out and do not function as they would if they were just relaxed and enjoyed the time.

I promise NO provider is keeping a score card.

One of the best things a new client ever said to me was, "If I can help you enjoy yourself, great please let me know, if not please do not fake it"

We had a fabulous time because he was realistic that 30 seconds into my legs being spread the big O was not going to happen!!!!

If you like all the theatrics and screaming O's, I'm honestly not the one!!!!

I'm a GFE Escort not an actress... but absolutely nothing wrong with wanting all that!!


Although this session is your date, your fantasy time - if the lady has rules clearly stated on her site, do not push the limits thinking you are so special to ask for extras....

or if you think because you paid her for... NOPE... you pay for her time with the expectation of adult activities.

The provider might smile her way through whatever it is you are doing and then immediately blast you on a black list.

Best bet is find a provider who states what you are looking for is available.



SIMPLE, get it?! DO NOT EVER break these rules!

If you even think you might want to extend the date, know how to handle that before time. 

WARNING GUYS- there are sadly a lot of "ladies" who take advantage of guys by pulling scams like this...

girl arrives, she gets gift/donation from you- then says something like oh she forgot something in the car...

BEWARE, you will need to decide how to handle this but this is most likely not going to end well... 

If you are giving a provider a drink, it is best to give it to her unopened- ask her if she would like you to open it if this applies and do not be offended if a provider does not take something you prepared out of her sight. Let a bartender hand her the drink directly if out.

Do not overstay your time. This can be very uncomfortable for a provider if you are still chatting away, undressed and your appointment was over... more than a few minutes ago. Nothing kills a great time like having to say we need to wrap this up!!!


In the event you cancel within 24 hours, regardless if it is for a reason within your control, you absolutely need to honor her cancellation policy. If you are unaware of it, ask... 




The biggest compliment you can give a provider is to see her again.

Most people will find follow up dates are indeed better for both.

The nerves have subsided, you get to feel eachother out, etc.

I do not give references outside of vouching one time on P411. 

DO NOT EVER GIVE A PROVIDERS personal info to the next provider without consent- this is not cool.

Although we like to hear from you occasionally if it is something special,

sending in multiple messages after the date that does not deal with the next date should be VERY limited. 

Also a great review is a way to let the lady know you appreciated thetime, but only after confirming it is OK with the provider. 



The Escort business has a lot of terms to make conversation tricky for a newbie so let me clarify some things you might not know!!

The best thing is to always be discrete!


A hobbyist- a person paying for a providers time


A newbie- somebody new to the hobby.


The hobby- the practice of seeing providers.


Providers- Escorts, Dominatrix, etc


GFE- this is a loosely used term that more women should make clear of what they are willing to do. I state on my home page GFE means to me DFK, LFK, BBBJ, CFS, DATY, MSOG


DFK- deep french kissing


LFK- light french kissing


CFS- covered full service -meaning vaginal sex with a condom. I use female condoms. Please do not ever inquire with me about not using a condom for intercourse. 


BBBJ- a blow job that does not require a condom. 


CBJ- a blow job that a condom is worn.


DATY- dining at the Y, means you may provide oral sex on the woman-cunnilingus Do not assume the woman should be thrilled you want to pleasure her. Sadly most men do not have a clue what they are doing down there so many providers decide the risk of being injured by some new date biting them is simply not worth offering this service. 


MSOG- you can ejaculate more than one time. You would "think" if you pay for three hours and you can cum three times you should be allowed to- no, this is a weird thing - many providers say one and done. I encourage you to offer as much as you can during your stated donation time. It would be extremly rude for a hobbyist to try to go for another shot 5 minutes before time is coming to an end- so please be respectful of the girls time.


FIV- finger in vagina, I'm personall NOT a fan of this at all. Your tongue or cock will do just fine!!!


Foreplay- this is intimate between the people engaged in the sexual acts prior to the expected main event


FBSM- full body sensual massage. This is my favorite thing to have done to me. Massage my shoulders for a few minutes and I usually will start purring!!!!! 


GREEK- anal sex


STRAP ON PLAY- I fuck you with a strap on dick in whatever body part you offer up!!

P411- is a verification site that all reputable providers should be able to offer you a way to vouch for you on there so you can see other ladies without having to bother the previous provider for a reference.


PSE- porn star expierence, I do not offer this. It is usually a very cold rushed quickie session- usually involves anal sex, some times vaginal sex without a condom, facials (men coming on womans face), degrading dirty talk, etc. 


Reference- a way to have a lady vouch for you. ASK or read what each lady offers- if she offers them. I only provide them through Datecheck or P411. 


TER a place to read reviews, threads about the hobby, and to communicate with other paid members. If the lady you want to see is not reviewed on there, be extra careful.



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