Start here to learn how to properly ask for a meeting with a sexy upscale Orlando Pegging Escort Dominatrix mix! 


I currently booked until May 25th for new clients.

You can request to be notified if I get a cancellation but that would only be for visits in Orlando.

Guys I have seen before, please email me if you want/need before the 25th.

I just installed a calendar - click here 




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I get asked all the time, is it too early to book for...

NOOOOOOOOO, it is never too early as currently I have regular appointments scheduled going months out so BOOK NOW to make sure you get your requested date!

WHY book so early?  Conferences and many vacations are usually planned 6-9 months in advance.

Many snow birds book weekly visits knowing months will go by without access to me!

I am a VERY low volume provider so if you think you want to see me on a future date, let me know at least to pencil you in after screening.



I do not tour. I am available almost every day in Central Florida. I do not go anywhere outside of Orlando without the date beig prepaid. I do not plan to travel at all.   



If you do not know what Incall or Outcall means let me explain!

Incall means you go to the providers supplied location. 

A provider is an escort or Mistress/Dominatrix/Dom...

It can be her home, dungeon, set "incall" apartment, or hotel. 

Outcall means the provider comes to your location.

I can make arrangements with you privately to provide incall in any city location if you do not have the outcall location or cannot get a hotel in your own name.

Just ask me. Once you are screened, we will make it all work. 



IF you READ this through, I promise it is a very simple process!!!



If you can't respect my wishes, I will simply not waste my time when the directions are crystal clear if you actually care enough to read them!

I have taken the time to make sure anybody who can read English can follow the steps as I have defined them.

There is NO excuse to get anything wrong or to ask to have any part of this altered for you. 



I am a low volume GFE Fetish Friendly Escort/provider with a regular full time job so...

I use a unique screening method to reduce wasted time and to weed out guys who are cheap or jerks.

I have figured out every detail to make my process a no brainer for those who want the best, can afford the best, and understand a little extra effort goes a long way! 

This new method saves you from wondering if you will get a response.

All new clients must follow this policy so I know they are invested in me spending time to screen them.

It is a one time process. Once you are screened this way - you are good with me forever.



You can buy a gift card in cash so no worries about if your wife will find the credit card receipt!

It is a win - win for all involved- I save time, and guys save money!

Do not be rude and ask to send the screening fee any other way such as Paypal etc... when I say there are zero exceptions, I really mean there are zero exceptions.

If you were screened previously but did not book, you will need to start out brand new.

SURE, there are ladies who will see you and not charge to screen you but

1-they are not me! 

2-if you use my prepay method it more than covers the screening fee.


NOW PLEASE concentrate now so we can have fun later!!! 


1-REALLY Read through my site to be sure I meet your needs, read my definition of GFE, age requirement, etc

There are no refunds on screening deposits.

It is your responsibilty to do your homework prior to sending the deposit. 

Do not be the idiot who texts/emails something like "I reviewed your whole website-

how do I get an appointment & what are your rates!" 

THAT WILL GET YOU BLOCKED LOL - yes, people actually send idiotic messages like that!!!


2-AFTER checking my calendar page, send me a text 407-906-5952 (Text only- do NOT call - as calls are never answered and voicemails are never checked)

or email at least a day in advance something like

Hi BB My name is Mark  

I want to see if you are available on Monday Nov 5th at apx 2pm in Orlando for two hours incall. 

I will let you know & pencil you in my calendar if the time is open.

If you are only looking to be prescrened, then proceed to purchase the Amazon card in cash or online,

Information is below and send me a text or email with your full name, phone, and email.

Once I have validated the gift card, I will send you the screning form.

DO NOT text me without using basic manners or to chit chat with one lines such as hey, r u available, is this BB- etc. 

I will not personally respond and will block you from further contact if you send multiple or rude messages.

If you do not have any manners or common sense, I will not waste my time.

Do not request same day unless we have already met.

Basically, use the method to contact me - a "service provider" just as you would contact a Doctor, masage therapist etc, be professional, polite, etc.

Once the business part is out of the way, I am ALLLLLLLLLL fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, but business ALWAYS comes before pleasure!

Do not text from international numbers.


3-Once I confirm your choice is available,

you have to send me the screening fee within a few hours or I release the hold on the time for you.


Email ONLY -(DO NOT SEND the certificate to my phone via text using Amazon online

however you can snap shot the picture of the card - front and back) a gift card for $50 for Amazon


I will reject them if you do.

You will need to redo the process. Lets be discreet, smart, and safe.

OR if buying a card in cash in a store you can text me the code.

Or you can buy a Vanilla Visa card in almost any CVS, Walmart, Walgreens etc, but there is a $6 fee - Amazon does not have a fee.

Do not bother trying to buy a Visa card online, too many people have their orders bounce back so now,

I only suggest buying the Visa card in cash and it is ONLY THE NONRELOADABLE CARD-

see my prepay video if you want better directions.

Do not email that account anything not to do with the giftcard.

Guys I get this process is overwhelming but I am super safe, super discreet, and super strict so I can continue being all those things plus LOTS OF FUN!!!

Imagine this process feels overwhelming to you how do you think seeing a strange man alone feels for me????

The name is Brenda Barios for the card.

Amazon Online Electronic Gift Card Click Here 

I do not care if you buy a gift card in a store or pay online as long as I can validate it.

PROOF READ THE EMAIL BEFORE YOU CONFIRM sending it to me for typos.


If you send it incorrectly, I cannot help you.

Any questions you have about buying the cards direct at wherever you chose to purchase from.

The card must be sent at least one day before day of requested appointment.

It is a very rare occasion that I can see someone within a day but you can try.



4-Text 407-906-5952 or email me to let me know you sent the card.

If you text me- please let me know your email. 

Once I receive and validate the gift card, I will email you the screening email of what I need.

I screen MANY MANY ways so if you want to be screened 99% of the time I will be able to screen you. 

I am an expert at getting newbies screened.

I do not want to cause a problem at your job, with your wife, or anything bad- I just want to make sure I will be safe with you.

If you cannot understand or respect that, contact somebody with lower standards.

Take note-if a provider does not care about her own safety- she is not going to care about yours...



Once you send the gift card, I am invested in getting you screened RIGHT AWAY, meaning ASAP,

I do not drop everything I am already doing so please be patient,

usually in 3-4 hours is normal, but allow up to two days.

Unlike some ladies (myself before this switch) receive hundreds of requests a day and we just do not know who is sincere or not.

The amount of time BOTH parties time this has saved is amazing!!!!!

I truly look forward to meeting smart men who follow this thoughtful and respectful process.

I am able to be strict with this for a reason.

I have spent years getting to this position to require a fee for screening.

Think of new lawyers starting out-they give free consults because they have not built their business up and might not have established credibilty.

I am a top notch all the way.

The saying you get what you pay for applies... I am not some cheap or easy booty call lol

I am a High End GFE Escort Fetish Dominatrix in Orlando, FL. 



Once we have met, it is so easy to see me again. 

You will be able to text or email me without having to go through all this screening work again.

Once you are screened with me, (using this method) you never pay a screening fee again.

I do see clients I have seen before - same day.

I do NOT deal with references at all so please do not ever ask me for one.

I DO however happily verify you on after one date and / or

if you have an account or whitelist on after at least two dates.

Best of all, you can take $100 off any future appointment at the current tribute on my site for a cash donation- no $100 off of prepays.


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