Hello!! PLEASE read this entire page so you know EXACTLY

what is needed to start the fun moments you have been dreaming of!

If you are on a cell phone, be sure you are seeing all my pages by scrolling

through the lines I have circled in yellow.

The LAST page is my Blog, if you do not see that, you have not gone to the end!


There is a lot of content on my site to help you make an informed choice!

I am extremely strict on the process to see me to weed out men that are not respectful.

If you are a sincere gentleman, you will take time to review any relevant pages before contacting me.

Taking the time do so, will almost guarantee the start an unforgettable journey together!

I am an absolute sweetheart, once I know you are respectful and intelligent enough to follow my lead!!


PLEASE READ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOOOOOOOOOOO, what do you need to do to meet me?


1- Review my site to be sure we will work out for each others needs...

* You must be a man over 40, sorry no couples or women, have a VALID US drivers license, & submit to screeing via MY format.

* If you are new, you should read How to pick an Escort CLICK HERE and my Newbies Page CLICK HERE and maybe BITCH if you are still unsure of why I have such strict policies.


2- Check my calendar CLICK HERE 


3- Check my donations page to be sure you can afford treat yourself to me CLICK HERE


4- Check out my different sessions: (I do not offer PSE)

                    ** OPM CLICK HERE 

                    ** FETISH SESSIONS (can be any combo of activities below)

                              ROLE PLAY - CLICK HERE

                              DUNGEON PLAY - CLICK HERE 

                              CROSS DRESSER FUN CLICK HERE 

                              FETISH - CLICK HERE 

                     **  GFE - CLICK HERE 

(Any GFE session can include Fetish, Dungeon Play, Cross Dressing Fun, Fetish, Role Play, Dinner Date, etc) 


2- Fill out my request form - CLICK HERE  

A true gentleman will do as asked or move on, he will never ask for any exceptions to how I accept requests or perform screening.

See someone with lower standards if you think amy of my policies are unreasonable. 


3- When I answer your request, you will need to send the Amazon gift card for screening CLICK HERE


4- As soon as I validate it, I begin the screening process to be sure you are safe for me to spend time with.

While you are waiting, be sure to check out my 

Twitter.com/BrendaBoobies to stay up to date on my naughty adventures and see lots of sexy selfies!

**Also please follow my back up Twitter account incase my main account ever gets deleted/suspended etc Twitter.com/BBVanillaDom

My YouTube Videos selfie style videos 

Instagram  more pictures, occasionally LIVE videos, regular videos

*I rarely use IG but will be attempting to use more starting October 2018


5- Once you are screened, we will confirm & then the fun begins!

Most of my clients become long term friends. I am very selective because I do not put money first.

Although my time is always to be compensated, just as time spent with any professional, I make an investment in taking time to get to know you. I want to be the best companion you could ever desire!

In no way, do I ever just want our time to feel like a cold rushed session, I want it to be time you can't wait to start, and time you wish will never end!!! I believe every time we meet and get to know each other should be more exciting than the last time - never to become boring. 



This process is the fastest and easiest way to meet ME.

There are plenty of ladies who will not require screening or a screening deposit...

crackheads and cops are the majority so if screening bothers you, please be on your way! 

If you respect that I will never put money before my safety, PLEASE continue!!!

If you find an ad for me on any site not mentioned above, disregard. 

The WWW is filled with spammy sites stealing information and posting it

as their own content to make their site seem reliable such as

The Erotic Monkey, Naughty Reviews, etc- they are garbage sites.

Do NOT trust them.

I do not offer phone sex on any site so again, be careful - you want me?

HERE I AM!!!!!

NOBODY and I mean nobody, is involved with my entertainment schedule.

I am one hundred percent, an independent GFE Escort - Dominatrix..


I used to have an assistant years ago but have not since 2012 and will never again.

The only driver I will bring to an outcall, is the Uber that will drop me off and the next one to pick me up!

Do not believe anybody stating they can get you an appointment with me.

I use every available method such as foreign servers etc to keep our conversations safely between us.




At the end of every date, I want to leave you breathless and begging for more!