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There are millions of displaced sexworkers in our country right now due to this horrible Fosta Law and the closure of hundreds of ad sites especially Backpage. PLEASE Guys, for your safety -stick with reputable GFE Escorts that have made a name for themselves long before this Fosta/Backpage disaster. Please really review my Newbies Page but at the least, PLEASE understand how to pick the safest GFE Escort you can afford. At the minimum an established, independent (meaning no daddy AKA driver AKA pimp), clean, safe, and reliable GFE Escort should have are

1-professional pictures... why? because professional pictures are expensive and not disposable each day like selfies. CHECK... do her professional pictures match her Social Media Accounts and website or is she stealing somebodies pictures? 

(You will see pictures throught my site that I have done 17, yes SEVENTEEN! photoshoots with Scott Church, a PlayBoy & Penthouse photographer!)


2-Social media accounts... why? so you can see she is engaging with real men and how she responds... do you want a lady who speaks like a hood rat showing up at your door? How long has the account been active?

(My Twitter was started five years ago... I am exactly in person, the person I am on my Twitter. I post lots of selfies so you know I still look like my pictures! I try to respond to all tweets that are respectful & fun)


3-an encyrpted email... why? because with the Cloud Act that just passed, free emails are absolutely NOT safe. and back to #1, there is less chance the more money a lady has commited to using towards that name - that she will be changing it daily like somebody using a free acount.

(my paid email is overseas, encyrpted, and 100% safe)


4-a website out of the USA.. why? why should she not have a detailed website so you do not have to wonder about things you really are not supposed to ask. Does she show her face? Sure some ladies need to hide their face but do you really want to wonder what she is going to look like behind the blur? I do not know many Elite GFE Escorts who do not show their faces.

(I am proud to smile for the camera! and often I am told I am even better in person!)


5-reviews, yes you need to switch to a site like to get into TheEroticReviews database but if that is too much trouble for you, how much trouble do you think seeing a lady who might not be reputable will be?

(My TER # is 145097. I have excellent reviews for almost a decade being the top of my game! Currently I believe I am number 3 for the Orlando-Tampa stretch and the other 2 just do not offer what I do!!!)


6-She has a account. why? because ladies on P411 have established at least some of the above bare minimums to have the owner of that site to find her legit and worthy of being onP411.

(My # is P39366, my account is apx 9 years old)


7-The older probably the better!! Since it's not like you can walk in and ask for a GFE Escort's ID, do you want to take a chance on her being a minor? 


8-My top recommendation SHE ACTUALLY SCREENS... if you call/text and she's telling you sure come on over... you need to keep on looking, please stay home and jerk off before going to see any woman who is not screening. If she does not care about her own safety, you are a damn fool to think she will care about yours...  

(Many guys will leave once they read through my screening process, thats 100% OK with me. A man who does not want the GFE Escort to feel safe, is not the man I want to be naked and alone with) 


Are you still with me!!! This hobby can be amazing but thinking with the big head is paramount. Clearly you will read through my GFE Escort in Orlando site and know I live this life, I enjoy my dates, I do not hide my face, I am very proud to be an Elite GFE Orlando Escort that is also a masterfully skilled Dominatrix available in Central Florida daily or by request, any where!


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