Today, July 15th, 2018, I will be working on my website.

I will be updating my prepay offer, adding new pictures, membership info, adding same day options, and more so check back Tuesday afternoon!


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Welcome to my GFE Escort - Dominatrix in Orlando website!

I'm BrendaBoobies your sexy new girlfriend, your Orlando Mistress, and multipurpuse Muse!

I combine the sensuality as a GFE Escort, with the strict seduction of BDSM unlike no other!

The process to get a date/session is just as unique as I am. You must follow it exactly or forfeit your chance at an amazing time with me. There are literally THOUSANDS of men arriving in Orlando every single day and only one of me! I only play with one man a day so you must be a step above all the others to have me to yourself!!!!! Sounds crazy when I say it that way, right? BUT it is so true so get your thinking cap on & follow me through this journey!!! 






Welcome to my Upscale GFE Fetish Escort & Dominatrix website in Orlando!

Please review my entire site before contacting me.

I am well aware some men will look over my site and think I am too much work and go on to the next Orlando Escort who is easy... BYE bye to them!!!!

Other men, will be intriqued and actually read my site!

Which guy are you??? remember... 


The guys who want to see me because I am a passionate, intense, fun, discreet, smart, sexy, and low volume sexy GFE Escort in Orlando will be pleased I do not see every guy with money.

I enjoy what I do because I weed out a lot of the assholes with my screening process, only leaving the most elite, considerate, caring, and respectful men that follow my process because they truly want to see me not just the first hole available!!

LOL, oh, such crude talk for a lady??? maybe, but I just tell it like it is! 

Are you ready for a ride of your life with me, a GFE Escort Pegging Dominatrix in Orlando!

I do everything for a reason... you maynot understand my process, but if you want to have an amazing time, review my site, do your homework such as read my reviews, check my Twitter or IG... and then go with your gut... it will surely tell you, I am worth the effort... I aim to be your new favorite GFE Escort in Orlando, Fl that caters to fetish activities from the most mild foot fetish to wild Dominatrix activities such as Pegging, forcing you to cross dress... 

let your mind roll... 

You will see me in all sorts of pictures from these farm girl looks to sophisticated city girl.

I am the perfect mix of the two, sexy and classy but always a down to Earth Angel with a little rebel in her!

I am a discrete, mature, sensual GFE Escort in Orlando daily or other locations by private request.


GFE Escort in Orlando, FL sexy camo outfit... aim!!!


GFE Escort in Orlando, FL sexy camo outfit relaxing!

 GFE Escort in Orlando, FL sexy camo outfit with deep fetish thoughts!


In the top corner (if you are on a mobile device) you will see three lines,

scroll down through there to see all my websites pages or click below!

You will know you have reached the end when you view the Fetcon page!




Orlando FL Escort BrendaBoobies playing flash the farmer!!! 


Orlando FL GFE Escort BrendaBoobie's idea of swinging lol!! 




All pages are listed here 

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Please visit (click the pink!)

Twitter.com/BrendaBoobies to stay up to date on my naughty adventures and see lots of sexy selfies!

My YouTube Videos selfie style videos 

TheEroticReview.com to read my sexy reviews written by happy men!

BrendaBoobies P411 Web Page if you are a member to request a session.

Instagram  more pictures, occasionally LIVE videos, regular videos

To ask a question NOT covered on this site, please visit my contact page found HERE


If you find an ad for me on any site not mentioned above, disregard. 

The WWW is filled with spammy sites stealing information and posting it as their own content to make their site seem reliable

such as The Erotic Monkey, Naughty Reviews, etc- they are garbage sites. Do NOT trust them.

I do not offer phone sex on any site so again, be careful - you want me? HERE I AM!!!!!


NOBODY and I mean nobody, is involved with my entertainment schedule.

I am one hundred percent, an independent GFE Escort.

The only driver I will bring to an outcall, is the Uber that will drop me off and the next one to pick me up!

Do not believe anybody stating they can get you an appointment with me.

I do NOT use an assistant so all our communications are strictly between us.

I use every available method such as foreign servers etc to keep our conversations between us.



At the end of every date, I want to leave you breathless and begging for more!

I am the true definition of class and sass,

your new favorite Brunette Orlando GFE Escort Dominatrix!