Want to get naughty with your new favorite GFE Escort in Orlando?

GFE FC means Girlfriend Experience with a female condom. 

What does just GFE mean? MY Girlfriend Experience can be ... deep kisses everywhere- oral sex covered or not- your choice, and covered regular sex, along with some fluffy stuff like fetish fun, dirty talk, porno on if you like, titty fucking...

BE VERY CLEAR, my definition of GFE does NOT mean all things will happen, it simply it means they are possibilties. I do not go through a check list to be sure all activities happen. Many reasons could determine what happens such as time spent doing one thing, time booked, if your cock might not be "up" for the occasion, you have rough facial hair, etc... REMEMBER you are donating money for my time only. It is in extremely bad taste to think you are entitled to anything other than my time...

Not all Escorts have the same definition of GFE so be sure that my definition is what you are looking for.

The female condom feels the closest to bareback sex you will ever get.

I only use my own female condoms. 

If you want to use something else, let me know before our date and I will be happy to pick it up.

I do not ever use a clients condoms.

Do not ever ask me to have sex wiithout a condom.

I do not use condoms for blowjobs unless my lover requests it.

You can lick my pretty little pussy if you like with or with out a dental dam.

No worries if you are not into going down on a lady, this is your fantasy, I just want to help make the most happen for you I can.

Honestly, I am much happier giving than receiving lol...

I will always have a dental dam with me in case you want to use it.

I love to French kiss but again if you do not- no worries!

Safe sex is the best sex... 





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