I have a lovely array of friends who share my interests!

Should you wish to enjoy an extra lady during our time or while you are visiting an area she will be, please pick one of my rockstars!!!



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My keywords for her!!! FUN, Bubbly, Naughty, Dirty Talking, All American Pretty Girl, Banging Booty, and the Ying to my Yang!!

LITERALLY we have matching Ying/Yang tattoos!! (see hers on her wrist? You can find mine in person!!!!)

Jenna is my original doubles partner. When I started in this business, I was a curvy blonde like her - we never had anything but love and suport for each other unlike the typical jealousy of providers that share the same clients. A decade later, we are closer than ever in heart, but she lives in CT. so I do not see her nearly enough.

Jenna tours extensively so be sure to follow her if you travel also!!




Scarlett Story

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My keywords for her!!! Classy, Mature, Sensual, Hungry little Sex kitten

A lady who knew both of us said we should meet as we were likeminded- yup!! been friends since that meeting in 2012!

Any doubles we have done have left me breathless as she just is so sexual!!



Sasha Benjamin

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My keywords for her!! Young (27) but so very wise!, A beautiful face but even better heart.

A body that does not stop!! Sasha has the most beautiful natural breasts I have ever seen, legs a mile long to wrap around you, with smooth soft skin and a smile and laugh that could light up any room!

Sasha is my newest friend but we are already so close. She is out of Orlando and also tours!!!

Sasha is naturally also a Dom personality so if you want to be pegged by two ladies...

we are your Dream Team!!!!!!!!!!!



FUTURE !!!! Megan Love

I have not met Megan yet but I am looking forward to it.

I have liked her style since the first Tweet I ever saw of hers! 

I know a few ladies who personally love working with her so in my book, she must be good!!!

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