Fly me to you


Want me to fly to you for the day or longer? Awesome!

Send me $500 via a prepaid card - click HERE  once I have that, we can discuss details.

Sorry but I must be sure you are invested in meeting me before I am going to screen you, spend time research hotels, flights, etc so I do not discuss anything without the nonrefundable deposit.

All flights are required first class with four or five star hotels.

I only travel this way on my personal time so when it is for a date it needs to be as good as I treat myself if not better!

Minimum day rate is $3500 and goes up depending on how far you are requesting me fly and how much time we will spend together along with activities planned.

Anything over three hours on the plane requires me to stay over night. 

Please visit (click the pink!)

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BrendaBoobies P411 Web Page if you are a member to request a session.

Instagram  more pictures, occasionally LIVE videos, regular videos

To ask a question NOT covered on this site, please visit my contact page found HERE.