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Fetish Verse Domination... 

A Fetish could be something as simple as you liking paying extra attention to Feet but have no desire to be "dominated" by them. 

Let me give you a safe space to explore things that might seem interesting to you but perhaps you are afraid to discuss them with your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend, let's just try!

I am an expert at many fetishes except I do not participate in:

Church related, Race Related, Child Age Play, Incest Play, Blood Play, Smoking, Brown/Golden/Roman Showers.

I do not mind a little VH play but I am really a lover so calling men degrading names does not come naturally, if you are in need of hardcore VH, I might not be the best option...

Do NOT even ask for an exception unless you want to go right to my Do Not See Folder...


Most other fetishes, I am READY to explore!!!





Some people might look at this photo and see stockings and think that is their fetish or choice,

others could care less about the stockings and only see the shoes and want to touch my feet!

Foot fetish activities have a special place in my "sole".

This was the first fetish I started to understand and is one that I enjoy immensely.

I do not engage in sweaty feet fetish related stuff. 

I just cannot stand my feet to be sweaty, so if that is your thing, I'm sorry I am not the best host for you.

I love pedicures- want to go to the salon together?

One of my most favorite things to do is to wear high heels in public and dangle them and

just watch to what man zooms in on me doing it- and then enjoying a private smile!

I love laying back and having my feet rubbed, a nice cock stroking the soles,

and having my pretty toes being sucked!

If you do not like feet, no worries, I am sure you will find something else on me to caress.



Many people love eating food from my pretty feet, and some others just like for me to work my magic!!

Other Fetishes can be things liking being wrapped in Saran Wrap


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