Ass Play

So you want to know about Ass Play, Strap On Play, Pegging, on YOU!? 

Strap on play can be sensual or outright nasty! I can be into both types of play!

I can put you on your knees and force feed you my cock, or simply slide it in your backside and stroke the juice out of you...

Which sounds better? If you say both... we are going to be extra good friends!!!!



I personally do not feel a guy getting a Prostate massage or enjoying pegging from a sexy lady is Fetish related,

but maybe my thoughts are a little wild compared to most people.

Some people refer to strap on play as Pegging.

I just love being a Dominatrix in Orlando that specializes in Kinky Pegging!

Not all guys can or want regular sex or GFE activities so I have created a special session called OPM.

OPM stands for Oral Prostate Massage!

Just want me to kiss you on your mouth and **** while you enjoy my breasts but NO kitty action and if you are feeling frisky, let me have my way with your ass?

I am more than happy to explore this with you, just let me know!!!!

OPM session donation information is on my donation page.

I am a strap on Goddess with all size cocks just waiting to fuck your ass!! 

A man's ass can be highly erotic if his mind is open to kinky pleasure.

Getting fucked or fingered in the ass by a woman does NOT make you gay or even bisexual so get any hang ups out of your mind.

Sucking a strap on just to be naughty is just fun- no worries - you can suck my cock anytime!

One of the most pleasurable things in my life is for a man to let me have my way with his ass...

This is a sign of trust, a willingness to step out of their comfort zone, or a sign their mind is already open!

All those factors make for a marvelous time!

If your ass being played with does not appeal to you, do not worry we can still be friends!

I do not have to have your ass to enjoy myself with you but DO think about it!!!!!

If you research Prostate Massage, you will see a slow gentle rub, stroke, handling of your insides can be healthy for you!!!!!!!!!

It has been shown in many researches that it increases sexual performance, libido, and overall pleasure!

I do not fist a guys ass, not because I personally have an issue with it but because I have tried it twice and it is just too much pressure on my hand.

I have a "regular" job I work 50 plus hours a week typing and just cannot afford my hand to be sore.

I have an incredible collection of ass play toys, just waiting for you!!!




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 At the end of every date, I want to leave you breathless and begging for more!