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Why is the picture side ways? To get you to pay attention for a moment!

This is the last page of my site.

I have a lot of content on here. I hope you enjoyed everything and decide I am the one for you to spend your time with.

I cannot stress enough that following my screening page format is the only way to get a date with me.

I am picky, because I can be! 

You will not find another lady with my sense of grace, filled with knowledge, that is responsible, reliable, and just plain fun!


Fetcon 2018 reservations are being made...

August 9th- 12th in St Pete, Florida

If you would like to be my sponsor, you can donate $1500. and then enjoy our sessions for half the gift for the rest of my career as well as be my special pet at Fetcon during some of my off time.

Only one sponsor per year gets this special offer. THIS HAS BEEN TAKEN FOR 2018. AFTER JAN 2019, THIS WILL BE OPEN AGAIN.

If you want to book time while I will be at the event, you can request the day but not the time as I always put attending the classes first.  

To enjoy the benefits of being my sponser long term, you do still need to be screened.

Buying the gift above does not eliminate my need for safety first.

You must be a registered attendee to get into my room as only registered guests can enter the hotel that weekend.


Previously, I have attended many conferences and trained under a top Mistress in CT in 2009-2012.

I enjoy learning about BDSM by the experts so I can safely play with you!


The 2017 Fetcon Classes I attended to get back into the community of learning and networking were...

The Neuropsychology of BDSM, The Science Behind the Whip

The Art of Cupping

How to build a Scene in Rhythm and Intensity

Floggers 201

Impact Play

Psyschological Domination

Pain for Pleasure, not injury

It's shocking, Electrical Play


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 At the end of every date, I want to leave you breathless and begging for more!