Dress Up

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Dress Up Time! but the question is...

Will it be me dressing up, you dressing up, or us?!

I have an amazing assortment of lingerie to wear per your request or perhaps you would like to be the one dressed up!?

I have everything from Agent Provocateur to wear with red bottom sky high heels,

to fine leather and lace with boots, and my new favorite latex!

I have lots of colors- garterbelts, corsets, dresses, shorts sets- just ask, I love to dress up!



This is one of the toughest activities for a straight guy to explore as most overthink why they like it.

Who cares - just go with it and have fun!!!

Never feel shy with me to just try anything that is not a hard limit with me.

I think more men than most people know of, love putting on women's clothing.

I want to help you satisfy your curiosity.

In the meantime, any desire you have such as to wear a wig, panties etc, just let me know.

I can bring the items with me if I am doing outcall or if you are coming to me I have started a collection of stuff to dress my pets up.

If I do not have a specific item that you want, you can give me the money and I can have the items sent to my home for our next date.

I can store any items you like for our private dates here with me. 

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