Donations are for my time only as a GFE Escort Pegging Dominatrix in Orlando, FL.  

I am no longer accepting requests from new couples or women. 

I am only seeing my previously established women, couples, and MEN OVER 40

As of June 9th, 2018


ONLY for clients I have met before,

*If you need to use a credit card, there is a $100 service charge and must be handled when booking the time.

**Please deduct $100 from the CASH donation listed for new clients for whatever session you want.

***Dinner date donation for returning clients is $200. must be prepaid 1 week in advance if you are donating the session in cash. If you prepay for the session, you can give me a cash when we leave dinner. 



WEEKEND at BB's Summer 2018 

Starting Memorial Day weekend, CUM be my pool date at my house!

We will lay around in my pool with great music on while we enjoy cocktails, chat, relax & get tan, give eachother poolside massages, grill and eat lots of yummy food!, relax - maybe watch a movie on my comfy deck, and maybe some more naughty time???

1-10pm Saturday or Sundays $1,200 or $1,500 during Monday- Friday.

Not enough time with me? OK, you can get a hotel close to me and I will pick you up in the morning - go to breakfast, and either come back to my place or maybe do another activity such as go to a beach, etc. Donation will depend on what we are going to do.

$500 on a prepay card is required to book the date, the balance will be paid in cash on the day we spend together. 

We must have met at least once before I will book this with you.

Do not ask for an exception to the minimum meeting once requirement.




Tributes, Donations, Roses, never rates!

Since the law in most places makes it illegal for two consenting adults to do as they wish, 

we need to be smart and not refer to money to be exchanged as rates.

You are giving me a donation for my time ONLY.

There is never any agreement of anything sexual!!!



Donation Exchange

Please understand having common sense is not always standard so I need to be clear here about how to handle this.

I will send you a confirmation prior to our date that will include the dates donation and how to handle giving it to me if you have not already prepaid the donation.



Will BE required


2-for any date over two hours

3-if two people are requesting the same appoitment time

4-for travel fees,

5-you have cancelled the last time we were scheduled to meet - regardless if you gave notice or paid a cancellation fee

6-special date packages such as pool party or dinner dates, vacations

7-any other reason that comes to make me want to be sure my time will not be wasted. 

Deposits are always handled very discretely.



*OVERNIGHTS **I do not sleep with a client in the same room. I do travel with clients however I must be in my own room.

*QUICKIE VISITS***You can leave early if needed, however the full donation is still required.



Travel, Tours, Outcall

The packages below say Incall in Orlando.

If you need outcall, there is a $100 per hour travel charge. 

Outcall in Orlando is a flat $100, Winter Park is $150 etc

If you are in Tampa, that is usually a 3 hour round trip drive for me, high traffic days and times are 4 hours.




ORLANDO Incall GFE with or without FETISH


AWESOME OPTION-PREPAY via Vanilla Visa or Mastercard

that can be bought in cash is $500 for 90 MINUTES for incall.

You can add more time for $300 extra an hour (given to me in cash at time of date),

however this must be arranged before we start our date.

There is almost never a chance I can extend a date once we have confirmed the start and end time.


ALL Cash Gift at session - $600 one hour, $800 two hours, $1000 three hours

(yes 1 hour is $600, 90 minutes $700, and 2 hours is $800, because I prefer longer dates)

Prepay must be sent to me one week in advance.



OPM (Oral on you-Prostate Massage/Strap On- only session- the kitty is off limits)

$500 2 hours cash gift

OPM Prepay using a Visa/Mastercard Cash bought in a store is $400 for 2 hours incall

Prepay must be sent to me one week in advance.




Fetish ONLY with me as your Orlando Dominatrix (no kitty, no oral)

but maybe with manual aid or strap on...

is available ONLY with Prepay using a Visa/Mastercard 

$300 incall for 2 hours and $100 extra per hour.

I do not offer fetish sessions less than two hours.

I stayed dressed - you do not ever touch me.

There is not a cash option for this session.

Prepay must be sent to me one week in advance.




Body Rub at my incall only before a session from the above options.

Lay on my massage table with nice soft music, nice candles, me in lingerie, rubbing you to relax you is $75 for 30 minutes.

I do not just give rubs outside of a regular appointment.

Perhaps your massage will end "happily"!!! xo




Predate email or texting fun $100

If you would like to have fun building up the excitement before our date,

with a daily text or email exchange,

add $100 per week and maybe get a private picture or two! 

I do not have time for phone calls.

I only accept one predate flirts per week so this will not always be an option.

This is handled by sending me a giftcard via Amazon.




Would you like to meet at your hotel bar for a drink first before going to your room?

Sure we can do that, just add $50 for up to thirty minutes of flirting in public!

Do keep in mind although I am a little bit of a show off, however

I am never obsene so we will keep any flirting just in the fun mood.

If you are coming to me, your time starts when your appointment was booked so if you want to spend 10 minutes or thirty, having a cocktail, it just comes off your appointment time,

no additional gift is needed.

Be sure to book extra time if you still want the full time for the playroom.



Dinner Dates or other events

The gift for me to join you for dinner is $250 for apx two hours 

Must be confirmed with a Prepay using a Visa/Mastercard

$200 extra per hour for time such as going to a wedding etc

I love to eat out and really have time to discuss life or things you might want to explore after dinner!!!!

I am always a lady in public with first class manners and wardbrobe.

I have a had a "discussion" when I first starting offering this about what kind of guy would pay a woman to eat...

First off, if you think of it like that, you are already not the kind of guy that respects a providers time and probably best with a typical low class whore, not a First Class Escort.

Anytime a professional spends away from her family, friends, or doing something regarding work - no matter if fun, should be compensated - period, but to give some insight on how I came up with that amount... just to educate anyone a bit ignorant...

Two hours of my time at dinner add 

apx an hour in the car round trip 

$20-$30 Uber ride to most of the fine dine places I enjoy. 

I have two stores that need at least two people covering me being away

2 people x 2 hours x $15 per hour for them = $60 

Depending on the time, I may need my dog walker to come by $25

If I am just meeting you for dinner and not going back in the car with you another $20/$30 Uber back home

So 3 hours besides the time to get ready, quickly gets down to a donation almost not worth my time, especially since I could be seeing somebody else for a much higher donation.


I do LOVE going to dinner and really having time to relax with the man instead of just jumping into bed - so for that reason, I offer a dinner date package.


Prepay must be sent to me as soon as you request this date.



SugarDaddy - SugarBaby Arrangements 

There is no set in stone arrangement however for me to view you as a legit SugarDaddy material -the following is the entry level SDSB relationship. 

$3500 a month is for one - couple of hours playdate a week with dinner out at one of my favorite places, very light messaging to stay in touch during the week, and one day a month dedicated to just a light day of fun- such as a day at a theme park or at a beach or even pool side at my place.

Must be donated in cash every thirty days with two months given the first day we start this. 

Should you want more time, lets discuss after two complete months of the above arrangement. 



PREPAY using Vanilla Visa or Mastercard

1-You go to a Walmart, CVS, Riteaid, Walgreens, or 7 Eleven.

2-Buy one NON RELOADABLE card that can have up to $500 added in cash. 

**(there are many cards that only hold smaller amounts-

you do not want that because it is $6. to activate the card regardless of amount put on the card.

*** ONLY buy a NON reloadable card, reloadables need a social security number attached to them.

3-Text or email me a front and back picture of the card clearly showing the #, expiration date, and 3 digit code from the back. Do NOT write the numbers in an email or text ONLY send the pictures. 

You must take the CARD OUT OF THE WRAPPER to get cards info.

4-Do NOT throw card or your receipt out until I tell you I have taken the money off the card.



 Notice in the top corner it says load up to $500.

This is the type you want.

It can be Visa or Mastercard -any design

NON-RELOADABLE ONLY - Do NOT buy the reloadable kind.

If you buy the wrong kind, I cannot help you, I cannot use it...

so take a deep breath & check again before paying!


Some people wonder why I offer the prepay.

There are many reasons such as

1-Guys using prepay are assuming all the risk.

2- I do not have to worry about being out the session should your plans change so that is worth the lesser donation for me.

3-I love a guy that puts that much trust in me before meeting.

I do understand it is a lot of money so it is no problem to give me cash at the session (besides Dinner or Fetish), however please understand that if your request is at the same time as somebody else who is willing to prepay, 

I will take their request because too often guys plans change, miss flights, etc.

I would be a fool to not go with the sure bet of a prepaid appointment.

I will give you the option of prepaying should you book a cash meeting and another request comes in.

I will not ever just cancel you out without notice.


Need me to get a hotel for an outcall?

If you need incall outside of Orlando you need to prepay me for the hotel of your choice if you need me to get it in my name.




Cancellation fees of 50% are required if you cancel up to 24 hours before.

At midnight on the day of our date the fee is 75% of the booked time.

I have a full time "regular" job and I just do not have time to screen last second and I do not screen and see somebody new the same day.

If you cancel the same day - regardless of the issue, you need to take care of my time.

Not doing so within 48 hours will result in me having to share your name with other ladies in the industry to be sure this is not a pattern for you-sadly this is a real issue in this hobby. 



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