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Ready to book? GREAT!!!!!

Not ready to book but still want to be screened so you can meet me more quickly in the future? GREAT!!!! skip to #2 below

Just follow my instructions exactly.

I do not make exceptions so take a deep breath and just follow along!



1- Send me a text 423-609-8553 (DO NOT CALL) to be sure your requested time is available.

OR email all info to

OR use my request form - click here

Only texts with your name, age, location, time to start, how many hours to spend together will be answered. 

I have a full time career outside of my naughty adventures so I only have time to respond to complete requests. 


2-If I say yes, your time is available or you just want to be prescreened,

then send me a $25 gift certificate from Amazon to

WHY??? Because this lets me see you are serious. I will then hold that time for you until I can screen you.

If you can't respect & understand that...  I promise you are the one missing out, NOT ME!!!!!! 

If you do not have an exact date to visit, you can still proceed to send the form and the giftcard to get screening out of the way.


I have TEN years invested in being a top companion and Dominatrix.

THOUSANDS of men come to Orlando daily looking for a stellar lady like myself!

Want to be my one and only for the day? Do as I say and you will be well rewarded!!!

Until then...


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