About Me



Welcome to my GFE Escort - Dominatrix in Orlando website!

I am a GFE Pegging Specialist for those of you naughty boys who want to try strap on play

or just a simple vanilla GFE lover if you have more basic ideas of intimate play time!

I have a unique way of doing things because I have earned the right to do so over years of providing the highest quality companionship.

I combine the sensuality as a GFE Escort, with the strict seduction of BDSM unlike no other!

The process to get a date/session with me is just as unique as I am.

You must follow it exactly or forfeit your chance at an amazing time with me.

There are literally THOUSANDS of men arriving in Orlando every single day and only one of me!

I only play with one man a day so you must be a step above all the others to have me to yourself!!!!!

Sounds crazy when I say it that way, right?

BUT it is so true so get your thinking cap on & follow me through this journey!!!

This site is not for the faint of heart... only those looking for a GFE Escort with or WITHOUT Fetish fun!

I capitalized without because I have heard many guys say they were intimidited by all the crazy stuff I have on my site.

Just enjoy your needs and accept not everybody is the same, whatever you are - it is PERFECTLY FINE!!!!

My old site was MistressBBinTampa.com - I just want this one new site so there is no confusion...

I am known as Miss Boobies, BrendaBoobies, MistressBrenda, Mistress BB, BB, etc, but I am all one in the same...

I have pictures on the site from 2009 until 2018. 

Start your erotic journey to explore me and your deepest desires.

I am available for Fetish fun as your personal Dominatrix with or without GFE Escort erotic fun.

I have spent a good deal of time trying to make sure you will get a good sense of what I am all about.

Sensual, witty, playful, caring, kinky, sweet, and sincere are a few basics I would start with to describe myself.

I love being fortunate enough to make people happy in and out of the bedroom!

Being a High End - Low Volume GFE Escort in Orlando requires me to be discreet, careful, selective, and always at the top of my game.

If you are not willing to submit to MY screening format, sadly you will need to seek a lady with lower standards!

I am invested in my safety so that I can also keep my lovers safe.

There is a lot involved in my choice of whom I select to spend time with but to start, you must understand what GFE Escort means,

it stands for Girl Friend Experience!

I want to be the one you spend your relaxing time with minus the headaches regular girlfriends often give!!

You won't have to worry if I will be in the mood, I am ALWAYS in the mood...

After screening, you and I should be able to start a secret affair that you will cherish and ache to see me again!

I love dressing up, looking forward to our private time, enjoying any fantasy you may have, and then doing it all again ASAP!!!!  

Please review my entire site before contacting me.

I am well aware some men will look over my site and think I am too much work

and go on to the next Orlando Escort who is easy... BYE bye to them!!!!

Other men, will be intriqued and actually read my site!

Which guy are you???

The guys who want to see me because I am a passionate, intense, fun, discreet, naughty

but always with class, and low volume GFE Escort in Orlando will be pleased I do not see every guy with money.

I enjoy what I do because I weed out a lot of the jerks with my screening process, only leaving the most elite, considerate,

caring, and respectful men that follow my process because they truly want to see me not just the first hole available!

LOL, oh, such crude talk for a lady??? maybe, but I just tell it like it is! 

Are you ready for a ride of your life with me, a GFE Escort Pegging Dominatrix in Orlando!

I do everything for a reason... you may not understand my process, but if you want to have an

amazing time, review my site, do your homework such as read my reviews, check my Twitter and then go with your gut...

it will surely tell you, I am worth the effort...

I aim to be your new favorite GFE Escort in Orlando, Fl that caters to fetish activities from the most mild foot fetish to wild Dominatrix activities!

You will see me in all sorts of pictures from these farm girl looks to sophisticated city girl.

I am the perfect mix of the two, sexy and classy but always a down to Earth Angel!

I am a discrete, mature, sensual GFE Escort in Orlando daily or other locations by private request.

I provide a once in a lifetime relationship as an understanding, thoughtful,

and truly caring GFE Courtesan in a Fetish Dominatrix package!

I love kissing, laughing, exploring, and make dreams CUM true!! 

I am better than GFE!!! I'm a unique GFE with a kinky twist.


My reviews are only average compared to what I am like in person.

Does that sound conceited? Maybe, but I have earned the right to say it! 

Stop reading if you are looking for a quick GFE romp in the hay with a 20 year old who has nothing but three holes to fill. 

What I offer is something to fill YOU, to fill your soul with what it has been longing for,

I can be the perfect GFE Escort to accompany you to a boring business event, 

the passionate girlfriend seeing you for the first time in weeks, or the Dominatrix of your darkest dreams, and everything in between!!! 

I want to start our time relaxed to allow talking and letting you fade away from the hectic life we all lead.

I want to toy with you just long enough for you to beg me to do more than just look at you.

You will not care what I do to you, you will just be happy to be the center of my world for that time we dedicate to each other.

No phones, no kids, no work, nobody complaining, nothing but pure excitement...

Do you feel adrenaline rushing through your veins already? Want a bigger rush?

Maybe close your eyes and think about being totaly relaxed but completely bound,

either by my sensual but naughty humor or my gag and ties?

I absolutely know you will admire all the aforementioned experiences, no matter what I choose to do with you. 

I always carry myself as a sophisticated lady, you will be proud to have me as your Orlando GFE Escort

to attend any business or leisure event, especially knowing I'm plotting your submission to me.

I am a very down to earth, yet can be overpowering and a mysterious woman.

My open-minded, caring, and provacative behavior is not riveled anywhere.

I am a very proud 47 year old, the knowledge and class I exude does not come early in life. 

My body is soft and curvy but so very tight.

My makeup, hair, nails, general grooming, and clothing are always done to absolute perfection.

My physique will leave you longing for the chance to see any piece I may offer you such as my size 8 feet.

They are to be worshipped only by those smart enough to bow down and let me captivate them.

I love to wear boots of the finest leather that can be smelled even once I have left the room.

Breathe in baby, I love to see a man be overpowered just by letting me have my way.

All your senses will be entranced by the devine Mistress BB!

I love to wear the highest of heels to make my feminine curves even more appealing,

regarless if I am walking in them or dangling them at dinner, you will long to feel my calves glide your face.

My walk is one of confidence in myself to dominate the strongest of men.

The fun of getting you to go over the edge is never a rush with me.

Just when you may think, I will let you go, I will pull you back for just a little more...

Make sure to thank me for teasing you, a "Thank you Mistress" always amuses me, and me amused, is your awaiting Heaven...



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Twitter.com/BrendaBoobies to stay up to date on my naughty adventures and see lots of sexy selfies!

BrendaBoobies P411 Web Page if you are a member to request a session.

Instagram  more pictures, occasionally LIVE videos, regular videos

To ask a question NOT covered on this site, please visit my contact page found HERE. 


At the end of every date, I want to leave you breathless and begging for more!


I hope you have enjoyed this sometimes sarcastic but sweet page!

I do aim to be your favorite regardless if it is just to be your favorite Fetish Friendly Mistress,

a Pegging Strap On Dominatrix, or full out GFE Escort in Orlando!