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Welcome to my GFE Escort - Dominatrix in Orlando website!


AVAILABLE TO WHO: men who can follow my screening process to start!!! (sorry no ladies or couples)

AVAILABLE FOR WHAT: Skype/Facetime sessions, GFE with or without Dominatrix sessions, just Dominatrix sessions, and Dinner Dates!

YES!!!!! vanilla gfe is totally fine! you do not have to be kinky to see me!

AVAILABLE WHEN: not before 10am or to start after 10pm

AVAILABLE WHERE: South Orlando is my home base and preferred location, other locations are available.

General location - most places in Orlando are 20 minutes to me without traffic.

I am 13 miles from the airport going towards I4. 

I am apx 12 miles to center of Downtown City Beautiful Orlando

I am apx 12 miles from the Orlando Convention Center area.

AVAILABLE HOW: After screening with deposit & donation!!!

PERSONALITY - sensual, passionate, witty, playful, sincere, and always safe & discreet

AGE - 48 born in 1971

HERITAGE - Italian & Slavic but ALL AMERICAN

HEIGHT - 5.7

WEIGHT - 130ish 

SIZE - around my ribs 28 inches, around my boobs 39 inches!, waist 28 inches, hips 35 inches


BOOBS - insanely soft

HAIR - Long Black but natural blonde

NAILS - fingernails always long enough to gentle stroke your...

GROOMING - impeccable 

EYES - hazel

TEETH - perfectly straight to smile at you always!

FAVORITE COLOR - purple/turquoise are tied!

FAVORITE FOOD - anything in front of me!!!

FAVORITE DRINK - water if it is not time for a Martini

FAVORITE CANDLE - Pure Integrity Soy Candle Mineral Spring

FAVORITE ANIMAL - my two dogs & fish

FAVORITE GIFT - Amazon giftcards, Titos Vodka, Wolford Black size small click here


FAVORITE HOBBIES - Eating lol, collecting seashells, riding my bike, gardening, & walking nature trails looking for birds!



How far in advance can I book with you?

I am asked all the time, is it too early to book?

NO, it is never too early as currently I have regular appointments scheduled going months out.

BOOK NOW to make sure you get your requested date! WHY book so early? 

Conferences and many vacations are usually planned 6-9 months in advance.

Many snow birds book weekly visits knowing months will go by without access to me!

I am a low volume provider so if you think you want to see me on a future date,

let me know at least to pencil you in after screening. 


What is your real name?

What makes you think Brenda Boobies is not my real name?

A hobbyist should never ask a provider her real name. It is just rude...

If the provider wants you to know it, she will tell you.  

Everybodies name is OH GOD at the right moment!!


Gifts and Tipping

Of course I love gifts but never will expect them or a tip.

Online Gift cards for Amazon are my favorite.

They can be sent to BrendasTours@SafeOffice.com

Although I am an Elite GFE Escort Companion, I do not ask for crazy luxury gifts but of course will never turn them down!

Cash is always King!

Titos Vodka will never go to waste at my place!!!

(PLEASE NO chocolates or treats in general or wine / champagne unless you are going to drink it!!)

I always want/need a black pair of Wolford Stockings size small - buy here!

Touring and Overnights 

I have never offered overnights and never will.

Please sign up for my websites newsletter to be notified of if and when I do tour.


Pictures & Videos 

Never ask for extra pictures before meeting me - it is rude and will probably get your possibility of meeting knocked down to around zero! 

I am always told I look better in person since I do not alter my pictures.

I am opening an OnlyFans site 8/9/19, so I will take a video of our session if you agree however it will only be on my camera.

I do not allow others to take pictures or video of me.

Twitter and Instagram

Instagram is very strict with their rules so I am not as active on IG as I am on Twitter.

I really like to interact with my Tweethearts! 

Please follow me to get a true sense of my personality or check in often.

Do not assume I know any lady that I interact with on Twitter.

My friends page will show the ladies I spend time with or are hoping to.

Click HERE to see my Twitter 

Why do you have such strict procedures? The process seems a little cold. You have not responded to me.

Although this might become a "date", it is still a business transaction first.

Business always comes before pleasure.

Any successful business has figured out how to run the business in the most effect way possible.

I need to be safe and use my time in the most efficient way possible.

I only see a very select few who I get a great vibe from the start.

If I did not have everything set up to flow quickly, I would not be able to enjoy my time like I do.

The men I see "get" why I have things the way I do,

as they are also busy and appreciate getting past the business part as quickly as possible.

I often block on a guys first contact with me. I am a classy lady that will never tolerate trashy men without manners.

If your first contact withnme is crass, I am not interested.

If you state something overly sexual, send me raunchy pictures, ask for unsafe practices, try to sound like you are looking to bend my rules, verify me, etc, lots of reasons I will block without notice.


Would you go to a swingers club with me?

Yes, however I do not engage in the actual swingers part.

If you are gifting me for a certain time for us to go to the club, I will be only with you sexually for the night.

Oddly enough, I have no interest in the swingers life style.

I do enjoy going to a sex club with a date so he can check it out but once we are there do not expect me to participate other than be friendly.

NOW if a really hot chick comes up to us, I might break that rule!!!

I had a client ask me recently why I would even go if I do not like it then.

The answer is I understand how hard it is for men to feel comfortable to ask their wives or girlfriends to go but they are curious!

So if I can help a client check it out - and then he can proceed - it is great.

Honestly only ONE!!!! guy said he wanted to go back and be balls to the walls in.

It is very overwhelming but can be great if that is what you like.

I do not judge. xo 


Are you married? 

I am not sure why I am always asked this but in reality does it matter?!

You will see wedding rings in some pictures because I was married then divorced, then married then divorced and now??????

Well let's just say I am a hopeless romantic :)    

Are there things you do not like in the bedroom? 

I'm really my best and happiest when you lay back and let me take control!!!!

Do not be overly focused on me, just let me use you -lol, I promise being my sex slave is not a bad thing!!!!

Please do not worry about if you are a good lover, 

too many guys get in their own way by trying to be some stud and just wind up being a dud lol

I am giving YOU a Girlfriend Experience sooooo relax, let me take care of you and it will be all good!!!!!!!!!!

Also letting the lady lead is a great way to be sure she is comfortable with what is going on -

usually the more comfortable the woman is, the better of a time both will have!!!!!

Do you ever sell your used lingerie or shoes?

Sometimes, send a $100 Amazon giftcard to BrendasTours@Safeoffice.com and an email and we will discuss it privately.

Do you smoke or do drugs?

No, I do not smoke anything.

I really prefer you do not while on our date.

If you must, I will happily wait away from you.

I do drink once in a while but not if I have to drive anywhere.

I am high on life so no I do not do drugs.

Smoking anything changes your mouth,,,, I love wet mouths- not dry...



Do you mind if I enjoy poppers on our date?

YES, actually I do.  

I am not interested in being with anybody that needs their mind altered regardless if it is considered a "drug" or not.

If you use them to relax, just let me know your nerves are getting the best of you and we can slow down a moment but please book the correct amount of time. 

If you feel you must use poppers, please see someone else.


Do you care if I am married? 

No, I do not and prefer you not take your ring off when you are with me.

Why risk loosing it!?

I do not care why you hobby so do not feel any need to make up "excuses" to justify seeing me!

I'm not the marriage police!

I believe more marriages have been saved with men seeing me then ever lost.

I do not want a relationship with you outside of our scheduled time- a "real" girlfriend will get jealous etc, not me!

Just let me know when you are horney and can afford to see me!

I worry if I guy takes it off and wants to leave it in his car, are you really going to have putting it back on the first thing on your mind?

It is your ring, your fantasy, and possibly YOUR ass if you misplace it.

No clue why some married guys would find it odd that I was married... (when I was married & a provider.)

Most women is this industry treat this as any other job, a massage therapist etc...

they touch someone else - make that person feel good, and then go home to their person that makes them feel good etc..

just as when your session is over - you go home to your family - so do most providers.

If you find it weird that a provider is married, but you are married, you might want to think about why??? 

No right or wrong answer here, just perhaps delve into your own thought process!!!!  


Do you ever hang out with your clients outside of a paid event?

NOOOOOOOOOO... just like your doctor does not see patients for free,

Escorts do not hang out with their clients off the clock.

A client asking for anything even remotely like that - ruins any respect he may have gained from the Escort. 

An Escorts "job" is partially to make the client feel like he is with his girlfriend, so although you may have a "friendship",

never disrespect the relationship or the lady by asking to hang out outside of a paid date, no matter what it is, this includes dinner.

I have had many guys ask why would a guy pay to sit and eat with a woman - duh - you are paying for her time, just as she might be paying for a babysitter, a dogwalker, etc while she is with you, or if she sees multi clients in a day, she is giving up that time she is with you to see another client probably for a much higher donation than she is charging to go to dinner.

If a lady wants to spend time with you off the clock, she will let you know by saying something like hey lets go to dinner or --- if she asks you then it is on her, you ask her, it is on you...



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At the end of every date, I want to leave you breathless and begging for more!

I hope you have enjoyed this sometimes sarcastic but sweet page!

I do aim to be your favorite regardless if it is just to be your favorite Fetish Friendly Mistress,

a Pegging Strap On Dominatrix, or full out GFE Escort in Orlando!