Orlando GFE Escort BrendaBoobies FAQ Page

Here are the most popular questions and answers below. 

Questions regarding donations, Click here to refer to my Donations page.  

About me...

I am American born of Italian and Slavic descent,  5.7 inches tall and apx 130 pounds and born in 1971.

I have size 8 sexy feet, size 4 for dresses, 34DDD EXTRA SOFT BREASTS that enjoy titty fucking!,

size small panty, tight body, pretty white straight teeth, nonsmoker, with a great attitude.

I have long black hair (naturally a blonde!!), hazel eyes, with my nails and grooming always being impeccable. 

I drink socially, do not do drugs, or smoke anything. 

I carry myself with a down to Earth vibe, perfectly mixed with sensual sweetheart, sophisticated slut, meets no drama, and determined to enjoy life type of lady!

I am a very happy lady with a diverse base of interests that keep me busy and grounded.

I love the simple things in life such as my family that also includes my two dogs and many fish.

I love to bike ride, watch MMA & hockey, garden, cook, collect seashells, watch sunsets, lay by my pool reading but definitely appreciate romatic dinners out and going wonderful places.

I am a low volume upscale, mature, GFE Escort - Dominatrix provider. 

I enjoy time with only the most respectful people so if you want to see me, you will have to follow my screening format to the letter...

The hours I usually am available to play are Noon until 10PM any day of the week except when I am on vacation which will be noted on my schedule page.

My sexy incall is in South Orlando, just waiting for you to visit!

I am always willing to do outcall but travel fees may apply.


Not hearing back from me?

Let me start this with...

There are sooooo many amazing men coming to Orlando every single second of the day that are looking for an unforgettable time that I will never waste my precious time on a guy that is rude or lacks common sense.

I reserve my time for the men who want to treat me like I am going to treat them - gold!

If it has been more than three days and you have not heard from me - but you have checked my sites Home Page to be sure there is not a message saying I am off, you have checked your spam, well... then you probably have annoyed me in some way and should not hold your breath waiting for a personal response. LOL

Top things guys do to get themselves ignored or blocked

1-send stupid message like lets hook up, u avaiable, (basically any 1 liner timewaster messages)

  If you do not have any social skills to even say Hello first - you are not the guy I will ever spend time with.

2-you included a dick pic and now the only thing I will think you are is a DICK!

  Trust me NO provider is ever going to ask you to see your dick via a pic

3-asking anything already covered on my website or ad.

  If you are too lazy to review my site -do not expect me to repeat myself)

4-you responded to a one time general reminder without clearly following / respecting what I stated

  When the autoreply message says do not reply and you do -

  1 it shows me you are not reading so I will be concerned what else you will not read.

  2-you are not respectful - making me concerned for my safety

  and 3- you are an idiot to respond to something that says do not respond... I do not see idiots.

5- sending in a whole novel of what YOU want before handling the prescreen donation. 

6-anything that sounds like you are trying to verify me.

  Asking for additional pictures of me or for me to supply personal info is not going to happen.

  Everything you need to know is on my site and my Twitter.

 7-ttempting to not respect the very clear process I have listed to request a date.

  I do not have time or interest to pull info out of you so if you hope for me to respond to you over the hundreds of other emails and texts I get on any given day... 


Speak to me like the GIRLFRIEND, you never want to be without...

Keep it sweet, respectful, classy, but interesting,

the exact way I speak to my "BOYFRIENDS" is the only way I will be spoken to.

I am not for everybody, and everybody is not for me.

On any given day, I receive hundreds of texts and emails.

I only have time and interest to respond to the ones with the greatest potential so be a gentleman - follow my steps to see me & we can have a great time!




I do not have set hours to play however I do prefer noon until 10PM - ish.

I am asked all the time, is it too early to book?

NO, it is never too early as currently I have regular appointments scheduled going months out so BOOK NOW to make sure you get your requested date!

WHY book so early? 

Conferences and many vacations are usually planned 6-9 months in advance.

Many snow birds book weekly visits knowing months will go by without access to me!

I am a VERY low volume provider so if you think you want to see me on a future date, let me know at least to pencil you in after prescreening.



I live in South Orlando and have a lovely and very clean playroom set up

to entertain my friends discreetly, safely, and comfortably.

I do not tour. (Tour means the lady travels to a city to work for a few days.)

I am available almost every day in Central Florida.

I do not go anywhere outside of Orlando without the date and travel fees being prepaid. 

I do offer to come to your city to see just you.

The donation for me to travel for just you can be discussed after you are prescreened. 



In or Outcall 

If you do not know what Incall or Outcall means let me explain!

Incall means you go to the providers location. 

A provider is an Escort or Mistress/Dominatrix/Dom...

It can be her home, dungeon, set "incall" apartment, or hotel. 

Outcall means the provider comes to your location.

I can make arrangements with you privately to provide incall in any city location if you do not have the outcall location or cannot get a hotel in your own name.

Once you are screened, we will make it all work. 


Screening Deposits

I spend about 20 minutes researching each person I am potentially going to be alone with so ALL new requests will either respect my new format, or they should just move along.

There are plenty of ladies that do not require a fee to be screened, but only one of me...

So when you play my game, 99% sure bet to win the game!

I can afford to be very picky and strict with this policy.

Try to find another VIP Orlando GFE Escort with my looks & body, my knowledge of BDSM, my love for passion, etc lol I'm not being stuck up, I just know my value I bring to a man, and only the most generous and respectful men who appreciate this -will enjoy time with me.

My screening deposit page is found by CLICKING HERE



Other Acroynms

Reviews are usually written with acroynms that in the beginning most people have no clue what the mean.

Here are the most basics

CFS- covered full service- vaginal sex with a condom - please do not engage in unprotected sex unless you are in a commited relationship. Just doing so once endanges everybody you come in contact with after that. No vagina is worth dying for!!!

BBBJ- bare back blow job, blowjob without a condom Guys do NOT try to ram your dick in a ladies mouth, pull hair without her consent, cum in mouth without warning unless you are sure the lady is cool with it, and be CLEAN OMG BE CLEAN - you can never ever be too clean EVER!!! wash EVERYTHING lol nothing ruins intimacy like odor

DATY- licking pussy GO EASY if a lady wants more pressure you will know... if you want to be sure let her know you really want to please and I'm sure a lady will guide you to a better path if needed!!

DFK, LFK deep or light French Kissing Guys a lady might enjoy kissing- I certainly do but good grief, do NOT try to kiss a woman like you are in porno. NO LADY EVER enjoys a guys bad breath, dry mouth from ciggarettes etc, having a tongue jammed in her mouth trying to taste tonsils. Just start out easy and let it build up. If a lady is staying on your lips enjoy! if she is not maybe something is not working for her such as coarse facial hair etc

MSOG- can cum many times in your alloted time,  do not think you are squeezing 1 more in with 5 min left on the clock. The last 5 min of any session should be when you are getting up to gather your things and get dressed. Just like one hour massage at any salon is really only 50 minutes because that 5 min to start is getting undressed and the last 5 to get back to being dressed.

OTC- off the clock NEVER ever assume you can arrive early or stay past your time to chit chat or whatever unless the lady has made it 100% clear it is OK. Do not ask a lady to meet you before a session to have a drink without compensation. It would be the same premise as your boss asking you to come in before work or after work and not getting overtime. I have a donation to meet for drinks before but many ladies do not for many reasons - they can't or don't want to be in public etc. Even if it is not me you spend time with, sometimes just sending a $25 gift card to a lady you are meeting is a nice way for HER to possibly offer to meet for a drink. 

YMMV - your mileage may vary This happens because no two people are going to interact the same way. You are NEVER guaranteed anything other than the time you book. You are never entitled to do anything she is not ok with. Do not read a review and expect the same exact things to happen. Many guys inflate their performance in reviews. Sometimes it could just be a body issue and not a personality issue such as a man that is 280 with a beer gut from Hell is just not going to get the same positions as the guy with a normal sized tummy - its just life! Just be excited for your own intimacy and do not get wrapped up in trying to keep some score.

PSE - porn star expierence usually includes anal sex or unprotected sex, things the average lady will not engage in. Please search for a lady who is marketing herself as PSE friendly if that is what fits your fancy!!! It is not me!!!

Greek- anal sex NOPE, not my thing to be done to me either, that includes fingers and mouths - just not my thing. I do love playing with guys asses though!!!!!

FIV- finger in vagina- do not attempt to do this to me. For ladies that like that - please have clean hands and go easy on her until she is clearly wanting deeper or more stimulation!!!

COF -cum on face, yup don't do this to me either! I cannot even imagine why anybody likes this but to each their own. 

CIM- cum in mouth, Make sure you give a warning that you are almost there so if the lady is not into that, she can be prepared to adjust as needed!

NQNS - no quit, no spit, sorry I spit lol I personally find this to be too high risk of an activity. 



I do not have the time or desire to get involved with that process. 

I do not give them or accept them so do not be rude and ask for an exception.

I will however happily vouch for you on Preferred411 after we have a good session.

Too many issues have caused me be strict on this policy.

Every lady has the right to decide how she runs her business so anyone who feels they are entitled to a reference needs to rethink that, nobody is entitled to anything.

I have been disappointed after trying to help others and now besides vouching on P411, I mind my own business and expect others to do the same.


Pictures & Videos

I will happily take some on my phone and forwarded anything I feel is generic enough after we have met a few times, however I do not do explicit photos or videos.

Never ask for extra pictures before meeting me - it is rude and will probably get your possibilty of meeting knocked down to around zero! 

I do have an option for a flirt week donation which DOES get you one personal picture of a selfie sent to you only.



Of course I love gifts but never will expect them.

Online Gift cards for Amazon are my favorite.

They can be sent to giftcardbb@gmail.com

Although I am an Elite GFE Escort Companion, I do not ask for crazy luxury gifts but of course will never turn them down!

Cash is always welcome!

I love flowers however they die so fast so I am requesting that instead of flowers -

stop at Home Depot or Publix and bring me any house plant I can nuture and think of our time together -

everytime I water it!

I was asking for Orchids but I have now killed several -so just a regular house plant is awseome!!!!



Fetish Interests

I have a very active imagination. 

I am never the sub or a switch, only a Dominatrix.

Attempting to top from the bottom will immediately bring our session to a halt.

Some of my favorite Fetishes are Strap on play-Pegging, CBT, NT, Tease & Denial, Bondage, Sissy Training,

Cross Dressing, Foot Fetish, Electro Stimulation, Hot Wax, Violet Wand...

I have a fully stocked dungeon with a St Andrews cross, puppy cage... lots of goodies in Orlando, Fl.

I will not answer any extra fetish related questions before you are screened.

Refer to my Fetish pages for anything I am open about.


Age Requirements

Please be over 40. I am 47. It just feels weird to me when a guy is much younger than me for a GFE date.

I am lucky enough to be spolied with many regular clients - so when I accept a new lover in my life I want to be sure the chances of us getting along are much greater. 

Although I do not like to lump people together, I know I am not sexually attracted to MOST guys younger than me so for both of our sakes, I do not try to set up a date thinking I am not 100% looking forward to it.

Messages sent to me asking for an exception, will not be returned. 



P411, Preferred411

You do not need to have a p411 account to see me.

P411 members must still use my screening format which includes the $50 gift card.

I do not just see a guy has a bunch of vouches and end screening there- why? because certain guys do not always act like a gentleman,

I spend about twenty minutes researching a guy to make sure he is not a sex offender, blacklisted, a serious felon, etc. 

My safety will always come first, if you do not understand or respect that, please see someody with lower standards.

If a provider does not care about her own safety, she will probably not care about yours...

is that really the lady you want to spend time with?

Click here to see my P411 profile


TER, TheEroticReview

At the time of me updating this site, 4/8/18, theEroticReview is no longer visible unless you are using a browser to hide your USA IP Address due to Fosta.

Please do not write me a review without asking me.

There are things that need to be stated but also things I may not want included.

To read a sample of my sexy & steamy GFE Escort reviews click here

Sadly some ladies buy good reviews, so this is one reason a man should do his homework.

Best bet is to observe what kind of web presence a lady has.

I am super active on my Twitter so you can get a TRUE sense of my personality.

Click HERE to see my Twitter


What is Outcall vs Incall

Outcall means I come to you. 

Incall means you come to me.

My incall currently is in Orlando.

I can - with prepayment get an incall for us anywhere. 



I have vacationed with clients before however I do not sleep with anyone.

I require a start and end time. 

I do require ten hours of private time to myself between the night and the morning time.

This is not a money thing- this is a I do not like to be bothered at all when I am sleeping.

I do not like waking up to anybodies bad breath besides my dogs!

No matter how well we get along, it is just not an option to sleep in the same room.



I really like to interact with my Tweethearts! 

I usually only follow people I know or people who have captured my attention usually by sending me a gift!!!

Please follow me to get a true sense of my personality or check in often.

Do not assume I know any lady besides JennaLove that I interact with on Twitter.

Click HERE to see my Twitter




I have a beautiful selection of leather, lace, garterbelt outfits, and latex lingerie.

I have a beautiful collection of sexy but classy dresses should you wish for us to be in public.

I will always be slutty in the bedroom but a lady in public.



Why do you have such strict procedures? The process seems a little cold.

Although this might become a date, it is still a business transaction first.

Business always comes before pleasure.

Any successful business has figured out how to run the business in the most effect way possible.

If you cannot understand and respect my need to be safe and use my time in the most efficient way possible, please feel free to go see some possibly unorganzied - unsafe - woman who might wind up missing your date because she is not on top of her game...

I already have a full time career and not looking for this part time fun to be anything but fun.

I only see a very select few who I get a great vibe from the start.

If I did not have everything set up to flow quickly, I would not be able to enjoy my time like I do.

The men I see "get" why I have things the way I do, as they are also busy and appreciate getting past the business part as quickly as possible. 


Are you married? 

I am not sure why I am always asked this but in reality does it matter?!

You will see wedding rings in some pictures because I was married then divorced, then married then divorced and now??????

Well let's just say I am a hopeless romantic :)  



Are there things you do not like in the bedroom?

No general rough shit on me - if you want hardcore throwing the girl up on the wall kind of crazy sex- sorry I'm just not the one!

I'm slow and sensual unless YOU are the one bent over and you want me to pound the fucking hell out of you- then I am all in!!!!!!

No fingers in my pussy or ass, save my tender inside for your hard cock!!!

No cum on my face. 

No Degrading dirty talk- I'm not your dirty cunt etc - if you have to question if its degrading- probably best to not go there!

I'm really my best when you lay back and let me take control!!!!


Do you squirt?

NO, nor do I have any desire to do so.

If you like that- great- just do not be offended that I do not have any desire for that. 



Do you care if I am married?

No, I do not and prefer you not take your ring off when you are with me.

Why risk loosing it!?

I do not care why you hobby so do not feel any need to make up "excuses" to justify seeing me!

I'm not the marriage police!

I believe more marriages have been saved with men seeing me then ever lost.

I do not want a relationship with you outside of our scheduled time- a "real" girlfriend will get jealous etc, not me!

Just let me know when you are horney and can afford to see me!

I worry if I guy takes it off and wants to leave it in his car, are you really going to have putting it back on the first thing on your mind?

It is your ring, your fantasy, and possibly YOUR ass if you misplace it.

No clue why some married guys would find it odd that I was married... (when I was married & a provider.

Most women is this industry treat this as any other job, a massage therapist etc...

they touch someone else - make that person feel good,

and then go home to their person that makes them feel good etc..

just as when your session is over -

you go home to your family - so do most providers.

If you find it weird that a provider is married, but you are married, you might want to think about why??? 

No right or wrong answer here, just perhaps delve into your own thought process!!!! 



A question from an angry wife...

I have been asked more than once why it does not bother me that I am possibly contributing to a man cheating.

My answer is very simple.

It is not my place to judge anyone.

I am not the marriage police!

I did not make any vow to her.

A mans behavior is never anybody elses responsibitly other than his.

An escort is not luring a man that was not already looking.

If a man does not see me, he will just see another Escort.

I personally do not condone lying to a spouse but I do understand how and why it happens.

I cannot stress enough that a man seeing an Escort is less of an issue than him having an affair...

That vow or promise a man made to a woman has usually been broken by the woman first. 

That of course is outside of a true medical reason, like the wife is deathly ill, etc.

I do not believe going through the change of life is a good reason to stop being intimate, it is just an excuse from where I stand.

I see what so many women do to their husbands, they put work or kids before their husbands, stop having sex, stop getting sexy for them, gain weight - stop wearing makeup, stop appreciating them and so MOST men that I speak to have given up on hoping their wives will all of a sudden want to have sex.

MOST men just use Escorts to stay sane.

It is not normal for married couples to not be having intimacy of some sort anymore.

I have NEVER ever heard any woman say their man stopped trying to be intimate with them.

I personally do not understand it but I hear the same story over and over again so in my view wives... if they are not fucking their husbands, they better believe at some point their husband WILL BE FUCKING somebody... an affair with a civvie woman will almost always ruin familys because feelings get involved.

An Escort just wants to enjoy the time and go on with her life. 

So to answer simply, I only worry about my own behavior, anybody else is responsible for their choices.

I honestly do not care if a man is cheating or not. 

It is not my place to judge or even care.



What is your real name?

What makes you think Brenda Boobies is not my real name?

A hobbyist should never ask a provider her real name. It is just rude...

If the provider wants you to know it, she will tell you.  

Everybodies name is OH GOD at the right moment!!



Can you help me with your gift its a little high some providers negotiate do you?


If you cannot afford my gift, you should either save up or move on.

I can't imagine any lady with a drop of class agreeing to see somebody so disrespectful as to haggle for pussy?

Absolutely rude and if a lady agrees to see you for less than her amount you might want to ask yourself why she is so hardup!!!!!!

I am an elite companion that caters to men who understands elite experiences come with a golden tag...

Nobody walks in to buy a new Benz if all you can afford is a used beater...


Doyou have a cancellation policy?

Yes, if you cancel within 24 hours of our date, I expect 50% of the gift within 24 hours.

At midnight on the day of our date it jumps to 75%

I have a regular life business that does not allow me much time to screen people for a last second appointment so chances are if you cancel within a day,

I will most likely not be able to reschedule and receive that gift elsewhere.

As well, to book another date you will need to prepay.

If you chose not to complete the fee, I will have no choice but to blacklist you so other ladies do not risk their time being wasted.

You should send the giftcard for Amazon egiftcard to BBGiftcard@gmail.com

Do not write anything to do with a fee etc

A prepaid dates donation is forfeited 100% should you not show. 

I do not keep track of who might want the day as a backup as I do with cash dates so you book it - prepay it - its yours!


Do you smoke or do drugs?

No, I do not smoke anything.

I really prefer you do not while on our date.

If you must, I will happily wait away from you.

I do drink once in a while but not if I have to drive anywhere.

I am high on life so no I do not do drugs.

Smoking anything changes your mouth,,,, I love wet mouths- not dry...




Do you mind if I enjoy poppers on our date?

YES, actually I do.  

I am not interested in being with anybody that needs their mind altered regardless if it is considered a "drug" or not.

If you use them to relax, just let me know your nerves are getting the best of you and we can slow down a moment but please book the correct amount of time. 

If you feel you must use poppers, please see someone else.


Your reviews seem to have gone up since you started, why is that? 

The first year I was providing, I did not provide GFE so my scores were lower.

I am NOW completely a GFE Escort.

Also some lower scores might have been when I only saw the man for a Fetish session which would not allow any score over a 7. 

Scores for looks - well beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

I do take better care of myself now then when I first start providing so the scores are reflective.

PLEASE DO NOT REVIEW ME without speaking to me first.

I do not wish to have certain things like my location included etc so please respect my request and talk to me first.

To see my reviews page click here 


I see there was no reviews for a few years, what happened?

I took time off to build my "regular" business.


Do you ever sell your used lingerie or shoes?

Not at this time, perhaps when I retire so you could sign up for my newsletter to know when that will happen.


Am I supposed to tip you?

No, I will always appreciate it but it is NOT in any way expected.

If you do decide to do it, do not say anything about money.

You can say something like - oh I think you dropped this, I forgot this etc, just do not try and hand it to me - maybe just put it with my things.

Many sweeties send a gift card or something after our date - no matter what it is, I always appreciate the thought.

The best tip is always to just book another date with me!!!


What is a whitelist exactly and how do I get it?

A whitelist is a form of approval by a provider for others to see on TheEroticReview.com.

Please NEVER ask me for a whitelist.

That is for me to decide however please do make sure I know you have an account.

You do not have to review me to get a whitelist.

I will remove my whitelist from your profile if you discontinue acting like a gentleman after receiving it.

If you are not forthcoming about having a TER account when going through my screening process, you will never get a whitelist from me.



Would you go to a swingers club with me?

Yes, however I do not engage in the actual swingers part.

If you are gifting me for a certain time for us to go to the club, I will be only with you sexually for the night.

Oddly enough, I have no interest in the swingers life style.

I do enjoy going to a sex club with a date so he can check it out but once we are there do not expect me to participate other than be friendly.

NOW if a really hot chick comes up to us, I might break that rule!!!

I had a client ask me recently why I would even go if I do not like it then.

The answer is I understand how hard it is for men to feel comfortable to ask their wives or girlfriends to go but they are curious!

So if I can help a client check it out - and then he can proceed - it is great.

Honestly only ONE!!!! guy said he wanted to go back and be balls to the walls in.

It is very overwhelming but can be great if that is what you like.

I do not judge. xo