Pesky requirements for adult content 2257...

ALL content created for adult entertainment is required to have a 2257 form.

To film with me, you must sign this form.

The last  four of two forms of ID must be presented for me to review prior to us filming.

It will be kept on file at the location I assign when we both sign and produce photo ID to prove we are over 18!

to read and understand more of it click HERE 

NOBODY will ever have access to this besides me unless God forbid there ever be a question of if my costar was of legal age, in that case, omly my lawyer would be given the forms to verify I have my things in order.

If you are not comfortable signing, please do not book the session.

Should you change your mind upon arrival, the difference in session price would need to be handled before we started.

The reason I am offering the reduced rate is because I will make the money up on my adult site -- I'm not greedy - not really making money off these options - just offering a way for a regular guy to help me have fresh content, let others see not everyone is a "rockstar" in bed with a perfect body lol, show different styles of content, and give you something to wack off to for the rest of your life lol

Your face will either not be filmed, or you can wear a mask or hood that I will provide.

Screening and regular session booking process is required.

I do NOT film with random guys so do not ask, the answer is no... only clients booking a reduced rate session.

I do not offfer reduced session filming outside of Florida as touring is too costly to allow me to take less money.

You will be given a copy of the edited version when its ready which can take up to a month as I have very little time to edit.